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By Seannie Cams

We are coming into the homestretch of the waning days of summer, but never fear because we have some jams that will help you forget about the impending Snowacolypse, ice, snow and freezing rain that seems to be commonplace for the DMV winter. Sit back, relax, put on some suntan lotion, crack open another DC Braü and pump up the volume the way Christian Slater intended. Here are this week’s Beltway BPM’s.

With a name like Canine Teeth, one must stand up to attention and at the very least see what this project sounds like coming from D.C. denizens Miguel Lacsamana, Erik Anderson, and Dominic Robinson. This is not a summer record, this is not a “feel-good” record, and this record is not for a sunny day to laze to. This record is dark, brooding, and seems to fit right at home against the backdrop of a dreary, snowy winter’s day but there’s a double-rainbow on the horizon. This material is more suited to fans of JMSN and Chet Faker, haunting/beautiful beats mixed with tales of longing, remorse but overall, hope. I will definitely be revisiting this as the seasons change and see how it affects my overall mood.

Canine Teeth Leviathan EP

***BONUS*** – DC native, but now LA resident Andrew Wallace aka Nacey from the now infamous Nouveau Riche parties and brainchild behind indie-nostalgia rockers Misun covertly dropped a solid, 30 minute mini-mix to help your weekday feel like a Friday.

Nacey “I Own It” Mini-Mix

Straight outta New York City is Fool’s Gold resident suave sod Sammy Bananas. A staple in the NYC nightlife, SB has been turning out dance floors and mixes from LA to London and back again with his signature house and funky laden sets. His latest “Peach Mixx” is filled with light, airy and danceable tracks that provide a nice backdrop to those last days of summer relaxing by the pool, jamming on rooftops in the city or being stuck in traffic on the Bay Bridge.

Sammy Bananas “Peach Mixx”

***BONUS*** – Check out his cover band Telephoned with songstress Maggie Horn where they tackle covers of anything from “21 Questions” to “Mele Kalikimaka”. PS, they are so good and so deconstructed half the time the listener doesn’t realize it’s not the original they fell in love with giving the track a whole new life in their capable hands.

Fans of “The Mighty Boosh” may remember the famed skit “Old Gregg” where a transsexual merman befriends a seafarer named Howard and explains to him the origins of the funk in relation to the grandmaster, Bootsy Collins. “July the 2nd, 1979 “the day the funk died.” Well, star child Adam Mori aka B. Bravo, found the funk and put a futuristic, sexy, jazzy and groovy spin on the genre that made George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic household names and legends in the music game. On his latest cut “Energy”, Bravo channels his signature synth lines, round bass notes and serendipitous Talk Box to get that sexual energy flowing that let’s the bees pollinate those flowers the way nature intended them to do.

B. Bravo “Energy”


***BONUS*** – Bravo is in 2 other bands, the Latin/Hip Hop/Reggae outfit Bayonics and side project Starship Connection that continues in the same vein as BB’s sound. Continuing the purveying of deep-space-sex-funk with partner in crime Teeko, they are able to go deeper into the funk nebula as a quartet and continue along a similar route that would make Old Gregg blush because of the level of funk acquired.


Going across the Atlantic again we find ourselves back in merry-old England exploring the latest offering from Brighton based producer Hucci. I don’t know much about this kid, but I do know that he put out a banging, free EP called Rose Gold and it is worth the minimal hard drive space it occupies to download it. Fans of Araab Muzik, Clams Casino, trap, and dark but easy listening instrumentals would appreciate this release, do yourself a favor and grab this while you can.

Hucci The Rose Gold Mixtape EP