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By Seannie Cams

It is nearly impossible to post, review, listen, and honestly critique all the new music being released in the dance, or electronic music genre’s every week, so what Beltway BPM’s tries to focus on are selections. These hand picked tracks or mixes are the pieces that make it through the digital minutia, clutter, and over-stimuli of the constant stream of nu-nu that floods our inboxes, blogrolls, and Twitter feeds on the daily. I present to you Beltway BPM’s column number 4.

Representing our beehive-like music haven of the DMV is Hotel Garuda, which is a hybrid between LA’s Candle Weather and hometown homeboy Chris Gavino aka Manila Killa. Both successful DJ’s in their own right, when they combine forces they created one of the best remixes (the official remix might I add) of the summer for Lana Del Ray’s “Ultraviolence”. LDR is a DJ remix favorite and her sound has been re-flipped a myriad of times, this one stands out as a perfect summer send-off that you can enjoy into the twilight of these last, long nights.

Straight outta New York City you have one of the hardest working and multi-talented DJ/label heads leading the entrepreneurial charge, Nick Catchdubs. Forming the HUGELY successful Fool’s Good Records in 2007 with legendary DJ A-Trak (Duck Sauce), he never let his art and passion for DJying wary too far and has been putting out seminal mixes, and curating club nights, all while trying to maintain a brand, an identity and a consistency that has made FG the premier label for putting out top-talent in multiple genre’s. Check his “Dizzy” mix that keeps it Club throughout the mix, along with elements of trap, future/r&b, electro.

This week we shine a spotlight on the quaint and beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. Home to synth GODS Moog, Asheville has been harvesting a unique and amazing localvore food scene as well as incubating a diverse music scene for the past decade. With Moogfest, and the Orange Peel being regular stops on some of the nation’s biggest tours, it’s no wonder that some of the locals are beginning to climb off the mountain and into the public eye. Marley Carroll has slowly been permeating blogs and Soundcloud plays over the past couple of years, or at least since he appeared on my radar. His music is very chill, beat/electronic based with tinges of Postal Service, Toro Y Moi, and Bondax fans would enjoy his music, keep an eye on this guy on this rise.

Lastly and definitely not least is the essential download from UK drum n’ bass MC/Chatta’s MC DRS and Marcus Intalex’s – Mid Mic Crisis Mix For Fabric Live. This is pure drum n’ bass, showcasing how a properly skilled MC/Chatta/Toaster can add to the excitement of DNB done right. When it has that UK accent associated with it, it just gives the music another layer of authenticity and has me imagining dancing a sweaty night away in London at Fabric on Charterhouse Street seriously contemplating becoming an ex-pat and defecting to Londowntown. “If you’re listening to this mix 20 years from now, try to figure out how this shit went down, it’s the Manchester regiment top-notch sound, the view’s great from up here but don’t look down.”