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By Seannie Cams

Céad Mí Fáilte! (Pronounced – kaid-mila-fal-ta) In Irish Gaelic it means, “100,00 welcomes”, which is my heritage and a blessed greeting to all good-natured folk of the Emerald Isle. Unfortunately, my Motherland is barely on the radar of cities and countries considered hot beds for DJ’s, clubs, and more importantly, having an established culture rooted in dance and electronic music genre’s. So with that in mind, please follow along on a trip to highlight specific cities (DC/BAL/NYC) that fit this mold, while spotlighting contributions across the US as well as an additional offering from another country.

This small offering to dance music culture is called “Beltway BPMs” and will be curated by myself, Seannie Cams. Who am I? Someone with stripes in the music game by photographing, and providing film and video to some of the biggest names in music for 12 years running but more importantly is I hope the reader can learn some local musical culture, while expanding their global knowledge of club, dance, and electronic music to the far corners of the earth.

I couldn’t be happier to make my first column about fellow homies and renowned DJ’s/producer’s, Tittsworth and James Nasty. One hailing from DC, the other from Baltimore, they both share common ground in the musical framework of Baltimore Club Music. Both are tastemaker’s in the genre (and other’s) and have been for some time and this week they just dropped a legendary collab together. On a remix off Nasty’s brand new “Calvert” EP, “Do It” got re-rinsed by Tittsworth which put’s him right back in the groove where we hound his chops in the early to mid-2000s. Even further is the addition of Pork Chop on vocals from KW Griff’s insta-classic, “Bring In Da Katz”. Do right and cop this EP, or at the very least the track and support some supremely talented and world-renowned artists living in our backyard.

You can see James Nasty at his Baltimore residencies Tues. & Fri. @ Ottobar and 1st Wed. and Fri of the month at Velvet Lounge here in DC.


Get Your Ass To U St. Music Hall 08.16.14 Tittsworth & James Nasty

Tittsworth dropped a FREE BANGER for you to download this week w/ T.T. The Artist, Alison Carney, Q-Tip, and Theophilus London. ZOINKS!

Keeping in line with East Coast vibes we head north on Interstate 95 and emerge way past the gritty scenes of Baltimore to one of my favorite gentrified cities in America: Brooklyn, NYC. We grab digital coffee with long-term Brooklynite Machinedrum and catch up to him on the flipside of the success of his long-awaited album, Vapor City. If you become a citizen of VP (link below) then you will be privy to songs that aren’t on the Ninja Tune distributed album, as well the stripped down instrumental, “Waiting On Meili” that dropped this week.

I know it’s an odd choice to be put in a column about “electronic or dance music” but this is a refreshing tangent that shows how much more the multi-instrumentalist/producer/dj is. Delving away from his dark, garage, and broody songs of his most recent catalogs and even further from his early work where he paired his first experience into sound with rap, r&b, and hip hop artists. The songs classical guitar riffs combine with background sounds and a summery feel that would fit nicely in as an interlude on an upcoming album or on an outro for the next artists mix featured.

Machinedrum – “Waiting On Meili”

Vapor City Citizenship – Free Download Thru Site

Flying across the Atlantic we touch down in the hybrid city known as Tokyorkshire, England, which is home to the gentleman I’m writing about for the 2nd time in my career, Kid Kanevil. Years ago he teamed up with DC beat smith/emcee/world traveler, Oddisee for the concise track, “ZoOoOop” and this week he blessed the interwebz with an extremely well crafted mix for the niche Croatian based music festival known as Sound Wave, or what Timeout calls: “Perhaps The Summer’s Most Beautiful Festival”.

The mix comes in like a mid-July thunderstorm that rolls in hard and unexpected, then leaves as fast as it came in, when it’s over a beautiful rainbow greets you at the end of the madness. Starting with a building soundscape provided by Kobe, Japan producer xEM, it leads the listener headfirst into the thunderstorm courtesy of a hard-hitting hip hop producer named submerse. Through the turmoil of the 46 min mix featuring an extremely diverse range of genre’s, tempo’s and remixes, the storm ends and you are left with a dreamy composition from Japanese, indie-rock collaborator’s, Tenniscoats and Secai providing the mental rainbow to conclude your experience.

Kid Kanevil

BONUS – He dropped an EP with DZA yesterday, not Smoke DZA the rapper.

Lastly, I hate to end my first post on a low note but I would like everyone to acknowledge the passing of DJ Matt Stackswell. I personally didn’t know him but he was vital to our scene here in the D.C. area where we have a very, tight-knit community of DJ’s that coexist, collaborate, and spin together. Thoughts and prayers to those family and friends that are in mourning.