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Russ Marshalek makes music at a place both wonderful and strange  and is the co-founder of New Jack Witch.

In addition to it (Justin Timberlake voice) going to be May, the witch-minded amongst you might also recognize May 1 as Beltane, aka Sexy Renewal Time. If you aren’t fucking in nature or in nature, fucking, we’ve put together a timely and topical occult reading list in honor of Beltane. Whether you’re a long-time occult practitioner or new to the world of athames and cauldrons, you’ll find stuff here both educational and entertaining.

(Please note: we’ve skipped the easy route and thusly chosen not to simply profile books on sex magic, but if you call before, during and after you cum and you wanna learn how to do something with that, here you go!)

Circle, Coven and Grove by Deborah Blake

This book is one of those “musts,” for anyone of any practice level, be it seasoned (of the witch! hahaha no) or novice. Blake’s book is a practical hands-on primer on daily magical living, both for coven members and those who, like myself, hate most people and thusly practice alone. The real important part here is how Blake imbues every day with magical purpose and ritual–it’s easy to remember to give thanks on a holiday, but what about your average Wednesday? It’s the daily mindfulness that truly makes the witch, and Blake’s book helps keep that thought at the forefront.

Jailbreaking The Goddess by Lasara Firefox

For many, the traditional aspect of the Goddess, particularly the lens through which we view Hekate, is partriachal in theory and broken. So what this book presupposes is…what if it didn’t have to be? Firefox takes a challenging and often refreshing five-fold model look at the concept of the ultimate female divine.

The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense by Suzette H Elgin

Lexicon by Max Barry

Words of Power by Damon Brand

You don’t have to be a James Joyce jerkoff to understand that language innately equates to magic. After all, the most known of all magic words literally translates to “what I speak I create”. Each of these books speaks to that in some way. Elgin’s book is a Barnes and Noble bargain bin discourse classic, centered around the idea that verbal sparring is beautiful and both an art and a science. On the flip side of the coin, Damon Brand’s Words of Power delves into the ancient and powerful magic of how words sound when they cross our lips. It’s a short but incredibly powerful book. Lexicon is one of the only piece of nonfiction on this list, and allow that to let you know exactly how good this book is. It’s dystopian fantasy about the magic of language, and its impact will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

The Chaos Protocols by Gordon White

Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller

You know what’s sexy as fuck? Having your papers in order. Take Beltane as the opportunity to get your financial shit on lockdown. Both Miller and White’s books address the modern economic reality in lucid and clear-headed detail, providing rituals, practices and exercises to navigate away from mindsets and actions that suck your money into a black hole.

The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon

Live every season like it’s bone season, amirite? No, we didn’t suddenly go back on our word and decide to just talk about fuck magic books – The Bone Season and its (currently) two sequels are part of a taut, riveting fantasy series, a spell that Shannon is currently weaving before our eyes. It gets so much right about magical practice, occult theory and the tarot that it’s hard not to believe it’s a missive from the future.