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Life happened so we’re about a week late with this. Still, its a good review and good photos of good bands, so enjoy.-ed.

all photos: Jeff Martin

The New Pornographers @ 9:30 Club
Sing Me Spanish Techno, Up In The Dark, Myriad Harbor, Use It, Crash Years, All The Old Showstoppers, Jackie Dressed In Cobras, Adventures In Solitude, It’s Only Divine Right, Sweet Talk Sweet Talk, Challengers, We End Up Together, Execution Day, Go Places, Moves, Your Hands (Together), These Are the Fables, The Laws Have Changed, Silver Jenny Dollar, Mass Romantic, The Bleeding Heart Show // Slow Descent Into Alcoholism, Letter From An Occupant, Testament To Youth In Verse

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A couple months back Carl Newman mentioned that D.C. was one of his favorite places to play. It definitely showed on the first night of The New Pornographers’ two-day residency at the 9:30 Club.

Touring behind Together, an album with a handful of great tracks and a few duds, the group played for nearly two hours forcing me to leave and miss a few classics. But a 100 minute-plus show doesn’t feel so long when your setlist reads like a greatest hits album and you skip over choice cuts like “My Rights Vs. Yours” and “Electric Version”.

While I prefer the individual members projects more than their combined work in The New Pornographers, the band is a well oiled machine at this point. That kind of consistency is hard to find — especially in a band that has their hands in other pots — and an off night is few and far between. As expected, they didn’t disappoint.


Unfortunately, San Francisco’s Dodos did. The trio — who were great back in October — definitely missed the mark. Two things you never want to hear a band say: “we’re going to be playing new songs tonight” and “we sound like a jam band tonight”.

Since they’re not really touring behind a record, they stuck to road-testing some new material. Some of that material was great, other songs went on for far too long that left me searching for a spot to see The New Pornographers rather than pay attention to the songs. The bright spot in the set was the always great “Fools” with its kinetic pace (and delicious lime aftertaste) highlighting their talent as musicians. Makes me wish I had been their earlier to see The Dutchess and the Duke.

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