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When your daily makeup routine is a legitimate work of art, your basic YouTube tutorial isn’t going to cut it. Luckily for the performers of VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil, they’re trained in the art of putting on their (carefully designed) faces. And they’ve done it over 700 times to get that muscle memory locked in.

We got to sit with Bungee Artist Laurie Adornato to get a behind the scenes look at her daily pre-show makeup routine. She shared what it’s like to soar above a tent full of people, hanging from bungee cords. We definitely believe her when she says “it is a little bit scary’ – but she makes it look effortless as ever. If you’re ready to be stunned by feats of acrobatics while you continually ask yourself how they are humanly possible, you definitely don’t want to miss these unbelievable artists.

Experience the show at Tysons II, now through September 29th.

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