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David Bowie has died. Three days later, David Bowie has not risen. David Bowie was not the second coming. It’s time to stop mourning and begin appreciating the alive and active Iggy Pop.


David Bowie has passed away. It is sad. Go see Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop is alive and seeing him will make you less sad.

Without David Bowie, Iggy Pop may have passed away in the 70s. Because Bowie and Pop, two men with names they chose themselves, existed at the same time on the same plane, we have amazing collaborations to enjoy until the end of time.


Both performers stood for a few things, but mostly having consensual sex, dancing (Bowie in suits, Pop shirtless) and doing whatever you wanted because sooner or later you will die. Without Bowie, Pop would have died much, much sooner.

The highlight of Bowie and Pop’s musical friendship was Pop’s Bowie produced 1977 album The Idiot. “China Girl” was a great Pop song co-written by Bowie for that album. “China Girl” was also one of Bowie’s biggest hits in the 1980s.

Bowie was always a better writer and Pop was always a better performer. They complimented each other. They came from different countries but appreciated each other’s art and point of view. It was a friendship so great it was parodied on The Venture Brothers.

In addition to being impersonated in cartoon form, both men were excellent on late night.

Iggy Pop has been great on stage for nearly 5 decades. I saw him in 2015. It was the best set I saw in 2015. I remember seeing him on Letterman in 2001. It was and remains the best late night set I’ve seen.

I remember watching Bowie on Conan in the late 90s. He was one of the best late night panel guests. What Pop was on the stage Bowie was on panel. Both men belonged on late night.

There’s a famous photograph of Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop from the early 70s. Betting individuals would not have thought Iggy would outlive either of these other men. But he did. And he is also mortal. Let’s celebrate him while we can.

David did not rise. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Iggy Pop is still with us. Listen to Iggy. Jump around to Iggy. Go see Iggy.