Behind The Desk 98: A Fireworks Safety PSA
Brandon Wetherbee | Jul 5, 2013 | 2:00PM |

Brandon Wetherbee is the host of You, Me, Them, Everybody. YMTE records tonight at the Wonderland Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. with Jamel Johnson, Kate Jenkins, Haywood Turnipseed Jr, Dana Bell, Andrew Bucket and Ian Graham from Lenorable. Brandon will lead a discussion on fireworks safety.

Oh god! My hand!

Jesus Christ! Why did I light that!

Am I missing a finger? It feels like I’m missing a finger! AM I MISSING A FINGER?


OK. I’m not missing a finger. I just had a rubber band on my finger. It was on too tight.

Is there any beer left?

Whoa! That one was loud! I bet my dog just took a shit! Ha! Dumb dog.

My hand still hurts. Are you sure I have all my fingers? Is that candy?


Are we still going to that thing? Yea, I’ll still go to that thing. Do you have the flag? I know it’s kinda stupid, but I like to be that one guy that brings the American flag wherever we go, especially if it’s in a large crowd and I can block a bunch of dummies views of the stage or field. America, man.

Fuckin’ hand, man. You’re 110% sure it’s all there?


Is there any Bud Light Lime left? That shit sucks. I’d have another.

Where did you get these? These things aren’t working. Most are duds. I think you got ripped off.


I fucking love this song.

My hand! Is it all still there?