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Brandon Wetherbee hosts the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody. He’ll be part of Important Records on Saturday, December 27 at saki records in Chicago, Il. This piece originally ran on December 26, 2012. 

It’s Christmas Eve. So I’m on Twitter.

Twitter is making Christmas Eve 2012 much better. It’s all because of a very funny Chicago comic named Mike Lebovitz.

Mike is a lovable, dirty, charming stand up. He’s a member of the Comedians You Should Know collective. A supportive presence to newcomers and vets, Lebovitz is one of the guys that  everybody loves. He’s one of the guys I try to see when I’m back home for the holidays.

He’s also one of the guys that makes me happy #withmydick.

I could write thousands of words about how performers like Mike are willing to do whatever they have to to get people to laugh. Guys willing to go up night after night, year after year, to figure out why a certain turn of phrase connects with an audience. How and why it’s beautiful to witness when it works and heartbreaking to see it destroy personal lives. The sacred stage and timeless tales and blah blah blah. Mike Lebovitz says “My dick!” and it’s hilarious and now Twitter is finding out.

Last year a bunch of Chicago comics were being sad comics on Twitter because that’s what comics do. Thanks to Mike, #withmydick trended. The very funny Kenny DeForest wrote a piece about the odd trending topic. Mike took a screenshot of the awesome power of the awesome internet showing awesome #withmydick tweets.


Now it’s happening again. Without any call to arms or dicks, #withmydick is back.


Join in! Really! It’s fun! You may lose a few dumb followers, but they’re dumb! #withmydick has the potential to replace watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” as a Christmas Eve tradition! Just remember, every time a bell wings, an angel gets #withmydick.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night #withmydick.