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Brandon Wetherbee hosts the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody at the Wonderland Ballroom in D.C. and in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago and Philadelphia. Listen to it online at youmethemeverybody.com. He’ll be hosting the three-year anniversary of You, Me, Them, Everybody this Friday at the Wonderland Ballroom with house band Night Rockers, comedy person Adam Friedland, gift expert Michael Foody, advice expert Sara Armour, life expert Jamel Johnson and music from DJ Mikhail Z. (TNT!, D.C.) and Mattie Valentine (Ghost Town Social Club, Portland).

It’s three year anniversary of You, Me, Them, Everybody Live. The first show was on November 30, 2009 at the Hungry Brain in Chicago. Beth Stelling was a guest. She was on “Conan” this summer. The other guest from that show has not been on “Conan.”

SIDENOTE: I love how this video has 208 likes and 86 dislikes. That’s funny. The 86 people that disliked it, or one one weird dude that disliked it 86 times, thinks that his (It’s always dudes) opinion on YouTube clips matters. Like the marketing team behind the video game “Hitman: Absolution” gives a shit what you think about stand up comedy.

The show has been recorded in Chicago, D.C., New York City, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other places with professional sports team. We’ve done it in places without teams but those shows do not count. SPORTS!

I lost track of the show count over a year ago, once we hit 100. So we’ve done a lot of this. It’s neat.

You know what else is neat? Erotic.

Not erotic film or cinema, but the word. Erotic. Erotica sounds like you have to be between 42 and 54 to enjoy people doing stuff in/around stuff, but the word erotic just sounds funny.

-What did you get your stepmom for the holidays?
-Some erotica books. My stepmom enjoys reading erotica.
-Yes. Stepmoms do enjoy erotica. That is a very nice gift.

-What did you get your stepmom for the holidays?
-A book.
-What kind of book?
-An erotic book.

See? The word erotic is the best/funniest word in the English language. Unless you work in an office and Google (FUCK YOU BING!!! Sorry, Bing. I meant Bing.) Image search ‘erotic’ with Safe Search turned off. I just did that. It was not erotic. It was father-less.

I’ve been working on tonight’s show for a few weeks. We have a special music act, Mikhail Z. (TNT!, D.C.) and Mattie Valentine (Ghost Town Social Club, Portland) will DJ, a special poster by Ned Drummond was made and there are surprises for the audience.

I should be working on polishing my monologue and preparing more guest questions, but all I can think of is my gravestone. I want my gravestone to read “An Erotic Life.”

Hahahahaha! Erotic!

We’re going to have an erotic anniversary show. Hahaha! I’m literally LOL’ing about the word erotic because YOLO.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.