Behind the Desk 69: Election Day Songs
BYT Staff | Nov 6, 2012 | 3:00PM |

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Just voted. It was easy. It was fast. People were worried their votes wouldn’t count. I was just happy that I wasn’t listening to A Perfect Circle’s “Emotive,” their 2004 election album.

Jesus Christ, that’s a bad record. I listened to that in 2004. Ugh. Why? In 2008 I listened to Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions because he’s good.

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The polls are still open. Here are a few election day appropriate tracks to listen to while casting a vote you’ll probably make fun of casting because the political system is broken and electoral college and social media and blah blah blah. Just vote.

A Herman Cain presidency would have been fantastic. The music, the art, the films it would inspire would become America’s new gold standard for art. Only forward-thinking genius Tim Heidecker was brilliant enough to wrote a four-part rock opera during the primaries.

We can dream. Cain 2016. Cain 2020. Cain 4evr.

Obama called Kanye a ‘jackass.’ It was funny. That was in 2010. He called him a jackass again in April. It was still funny.

Late this summer Kanye released the remarkably good mix-tape album, “Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer.” This is track one. Mr. West wants you to know “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

The president calls you a jackass, you sort-of campaign for him. This song is so, so good. I have to hate it because it’s got that guy that pees on underaged girls while Space Jamming singing the hook, but still, wow. “Chi-town ’til I’m on my back.”

For the Mitt Romney/Kid Rock fan.

While not technically music, come on, this is beautiful! Friends! The television show, “Friends!” They’ll be there for you!

Now a song both sides of the aisles can dance to! If you listen to it while weightlifting you’ll have a hot bod.

Local H, an underrated band that’s been pigeonholed for success in the late 90’s, released their seventh record this year. A concept album about U.S. politics, it was something that took awhile to grow on me. Thankfully, the songs, while political, aren’t annoying. Similar to their 2008 record “12 Angry Months,” this record also follows a timeline. “Another February” may be the highlight of the record for that reason. After the election, after the inauguration, when it’s cold outside and your car won’t start, this whole process will seem a little silly.

I don’t care who you vote for. I host a talk show. I find all of this silly and fun and patriotic. It’s fun. But I do want you to vote. Sincerely. Mostly for your own safety. If you don’t vote, you die.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night