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By Brandon Wetherbee

Brandon Wetherbee hosts the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody the first two Friday’s of the month at the Wonderland Ballroom and in Brooklyn and Chicago once a month. Subscribe to it online at youmethemeverybody.com. He’ll be hosting You, Me, Them, Everybody presents This Is A Game Show on Saturday, March 31 at the Artisphere.

I didn’t have a show last weekend. That’s rare. Rather than work on promotion or guest questions or monologues, I’ve spent my days on a new project and my nights interacting with people that make life fun. Once again, that’s rare. While I meet and interact with fascinating people in front of crowds and in the ears of listeners, my non-show life is mostly made up of quiet nights at home with the person I love and the animal that kills mice (He’s hunting a mouse right now. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s a photo.)

(His name is Mow and he don’t give a fuck unless you have wet food that’s the first and last cat thing in this piece I promise. I don’t want to be the animal guy. That’s worse than being the “my kid did this!” guy. I guess I just like the idea of cats killing mice.)

The next ‘big’ thing I’m working on is a game show at the Artisphere at the end of the month. I’ve been working on questions for the game and studying old show formats. In an ideal world, my product will be a combination of “Sesame Street” and “Kids in the Hall.”

Similar to working on a monologue, there’s only so much you can do at home. In order to make something that people will like, you need to ask people what they like. This is where the going out comes in. I’ve been exploring the city and have yielded positive results.

Everything Is Terrible! was in town last Friday. I wrote about them last week and am glad I did. Their show did not disappoint. It was made better because it was staged at a house venue, a place where you didn’t mind having to stand for a film. The combination of witnessing adults dance around in homemade dog costumes before and after a hilarious film that’s a giant grey legal mess in a place where people sleep was the perfect way to spend a night.

The DCist EXPOSED exhibit is really good. Whoever curated the event did an excellent job at representing both the beauty of DC and the skill of the artists that use it as a canvas. It’s difficult to tell what was shot by a professional and what was taken on a whim by an amateur. It’s the kind of show that makes you want to buy the art and try to find the location where the art you bought was taken. If anyone is feeling extra generous, I wouldn’t mind hanging this in my apartment.

I’m a very, very big Eddie Izzard fan and was a very, very big Bad Religion fan ten years ago (they’re in my top 20 bands I listen to on a consistent basis but am no longer super excited when they release a new album). When I found out they were going to be at the Reason Rally, a get together for atheists and others, I knew what I’d be doing on Saturday. After traversing through Cherry Blossom crowds of tourists (I saw two sixth graders sneak off to make out), I think a spin-off of an occupy protest that had something to do with meat, Al Sharpton (he was at the Trayvon Martin Justice Rally) and Jesus Freaks (should that F be capitalized?), I finally arrived, wet and miserable to the National Mall. The obviously British comedian Izzard made me happy to see comedy again and might have actually turned some maybe believers into maybe agnostics. Then I ran into one of BYT’s finest Andrew Bucket and the kind of person that makes whatever city you’re in the best city possible, Lisa Markuson. She had been running around all afternoon, taking photos of the ‘fashion’ she encountered. Then Bad Religion played in the pouring rain and I realized it’s possible to have a good time attending something only a former zinester could love.

So why am I writing about positive experiences and not critiquing talk shows or railing against the man or calling the #occupy movement completely off when they disrupted an LGBTQ march or making fart jokes or making a case for firing all security guards because their the negative factor that everyone just accepts is OK and make me not want to leave my apartment? Because I don’t praise enough people that make things fun. Also, Kimmel’s interview with Will Ferrell conducted in Spanish is great, I’ve still yet to meet a cop I want to befriend, the #occupy movement pulled a Santorum fucking with that march, farts come from our butts and no one has ever uttered the sentence, “That security guard in the nice suit sure had a great smile and charming personality!”

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.