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by Brandon Wetherbee who hosts the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody the first two Friday’s of the month at the Wonderland Ballroom and in Brooklyn and Chicago once a month. Subscribe to it online at youmethemeverybody.com. He’ll be hosting You, Me, Them, Everybody Live! Friday, March 9 at the Wonderland Ballroom with guests Tom Bridge, Jenn Tisdale and Gordon Withers.

Last week I wrote, yet again, about Dave Grohl. Why? He seems like a happy guy and I want to be a happy guy. It’s that simple, or I was lying to myself and it isn’t that simple but why not gravitate towards a pop culture figure that everyone recognizes? Anyways, I stand by the being happy for your friends and not being a dick stuff, but I forgot to mention that sometimes righteous indignation is necessary.

Though I mentioned the Foo Fighters on the Grammy’s three times in the article, I didn’t see all of their full performances. Like any real man, I was busy watching the second season finale of “Downton Abbey.” Once Maggie Smith was done saying badass lines to a bunch of losers, I switched over to CBS to catch the Foo Fighters/Deadmau5 ‘collaboration.’ While it was far from good, it wasn’t the worst thing ever. I apparently missed the worst thing ever when the former drummer of Nirvana sort of performed with the really good dancer/lady puncher/driver Chris Brown.

Why bring in Nirvana when writing about Grohl? Because their stance and action on social issues stands the test of time/self-murder. Yea, the songs had punk rock stances like don’t rape, don’t stand in the way of a woman’s right to choose, don’t aspire to celebrity, the basics, but they also did stuff like organize benefit concerts for Bosnian rape survivors. I’ve written about this before because it’s a thing that bands like Foo Fighters should be doing now or at least not just wear the cool Slayer shirt, but also embody their ideals.

Remember Slayer? No? Fuck you, die. Sorry, that was harsh, somewhat Slayer-like. Slayer rules because of a few simple things: they make very fast, very tight metal and sing quite poignantly that god hates us all. Church. Or the opposite. The good dancer/lady puncher/driver sings about love and beats the shit out of people. The metal band sings about hatred and does not beat the shit out of people. So, when you decide to wear the Slayer shirt and perform at the awards show with the good dancer/lady puncher/driver, you’re sending a mixed message.

Maybe you were just trying to play nice, didn’t want to make a scene. Fuck that. Make a scene. Poke the bear. Who cares if you piss off the violent guy? The worst that can happen is nothing bad to you. Take a punch and don’t retaliate. You’ll look like a hero. Take a punch and fight back. You’ll look like a hero. No matter what you do, as long as it’s something, it’s better than nothing. Hell, you didn’t even have to do anything face to face. A simple gesture would’ve been more than enough. Didn’t anyone consider putting Rhianna’s brutally assaulted face on a t-shirt? You guys seem to have a really large t-shirt collection. How about smashing a guitar with ‘Rhianna’ written on it while wearing a shirt with ‘Chris Brown’ written on it? (I’m assuming you guys always wear t-shirts and that isn’t very open minded of me.) Maybe borrow a page from Jarvis Cocker’s very fashionable book?


Jesus Christ man, you were in a band with a front man that picked fights with Axl Rose because what he stood for was sexist, but Axl, to my knowledge, doesn’t have a history of beating women, just loud audience members. Now you’re willingly sharing an international stage with someone that is actually worse than Axl.

This doesn’t affect my social circle, neither does the Grammy’s, but teenagers actually watch this stuff, still buy your records and that’s depressing. Luckily, they also watch professional wrestling and a kid that you influenced is a recent WWE champion and talked shit about Chris Brown

CM Punk is a Chicago based, straight edged, steroid free, punk rock fan. He spoke negatively about Brown to a large audience and that’s awesome. Will anything happen between Punk and Brown? Of course not, but now some kid has a sort role model when it comes to fucking with the money source of moral-less record folks.

So, to summarize, sorry about giving Grohl more praise, Slayer rules, that one guy is a really good dancer/lady puncher/driver, CM Punk is more punk rock than any punk rocker and let’s still try to be nice.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.