Behind The Desk 17: Chicago in DC
Brandon | Sep 8, 2011 | 10:50AM |

Brandon Wetherbee hosts the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody the first two Friday’s of the month at the Wonderland Ballroom and in Brooklyn and Chicago once a month. Subscribe to it online at He’ll be at the Wonderland Ballroom on September 9 with guests Amy Saidman from Speakeasy D.C., stand up comedian Tim Messinger and a special set from America Hearts.

I’m sorry that I talk about Chicago so much. I’m sure it’s annoying. I know it’s annoying. No one wants to hear about their current flame’s ex and this is no exception. But D.C., please hear me out. I finally have a chance to highlight all the excellent comedy and music I keep raving about. In just one night, tonight, Thursday September 8, three of Chicago’s finest acts, all of which have been kind enough to come on my show, will be in the greater D.C. area, struggling to draw a crowd because the weather hates good things.

Hannibal Buress is probably the best young stand up working today. He’s Chris Rock’s favorite and all the comics that non-comedy nerds know like him too. You probably recognize him as the homeless guy on “30 Rock” or in the background in “Louie.” He’s that guy. He’s also a former “30 Rock” and “S.N.L.” writer. He no longer lives in Chicago but Chicago is where he got good. The guy worked his ass off, going up more than once a night at less than ideal open mics and now he’s a touring comic. If you’re reading this you probably already know about him, so please, tell your friends or co-workers or whoever you’re supposed to tell that has disposable income and doesn’t have to get a babysitter to attend a comedy show to go to a comedy show. He’s at the Arlington Draft House for the next three nights.

Al Scorch is a country/punk/bluegrass banjo player. His ideal tour would be him sharing a bill with Stiff Little Fingers, Thin Lizzie, Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra. His song “Corn Liquor” makes me cry and still want to drink. He’s stopping in D.C., playing solo, because he’s going to play a wedding in Hume, VA. He’s taking the train from Chicago to the wedding and another train to D.C. The guy belongs in another era, a time when it was easy for a guy to sing for booze. That sounds awful. I associate Al with drinking so much because I’ve seen him bring grown men to tears. It’s a powerful thing. I’ve also seen the guy win over a crowd of jaded hipsters and that’s also a powerful thing. What I’m trying to say is Al is a powerful thing. He’s at Banarchy Manor, 707 Rock Creek Church Rd NW, tonight at 7pm.

White Mystery is a brother and sister garage rock duo. They both have giant red afros. Their last names are actually White. They actually are brother and sister. Whatever. All the comparisons between them and the obvious don’t matter. The Chicago group is fucking loud and fucking good. They’re no frills in all the right ways. They just released their second album, “Blood & Venom,” which is an awesome album title. They just played their 100th show of 2011. There are still four more months in this very rainy year. White Mystery is one of the bands that are doing everything the right way. They release music on their own label, their merch is a family affair, with some buttons featuring actual hair from their actual afros and some shirts and other schwag designed by their mom and, once again, they rock. They’re at Asefu’s, 1920 9th St NW, tonight at 8pm.

Yes, I am being nostalgic and remember all the really cool times when I got to see really cool people do really neat things, but that doesn’t change the talent. Tonight is an excellent chance to see if I’m been blowing smoke up your ass. I do not think I have. If anything, I might have been underselling these three acts. I’d rather see any of these three tonight than stay home and watch “Doctor Who” and I haven’t said that in a very long time.

On a completely unrelated note, yesterday I met a 50 year old white woman who did not know the music of Tom Petty or who Tom Petty is and now nothing makes much sense. I need to point out that this woman is not homeless or Jesusy or from a third world country or lobotamized or recently in a car accident. Just a normal lady who has no idea who Tom Petty is. That fucking exists. Explain that.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night. I’m freefallin’.