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Adam Sandler’s first special for Netflix, 100% Fresh, is good. No apologies good. I did not think it would be good. I do now know exactly why I thought it would be not good. So here’s my thought process throughout Adam Sandler’s first special for Netflix.

This can’t be good. Why is it getting good reviews?

It’s late. Why not?

Whoa, really, it’s good?

Why did I think this was going to be bad? I loved his first two records. I enjoyed his third record. Why would this be any different?

How does this seem relevant? How could this be relevant? He’s 51 with no scandals. How could he lead a ‘normal’ life?

I hate funny songs. I guess I don’t hate funny songs.

Should I watch Click? I’ve never seen Click. I saw every Sandler movie released from Airheads to Mr. Deeds. Maybe Click is good? Punch Drunk Love is still my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film. I wonder if he’ll talk about Paul Thomas Anderson.

I do not like poop jokes but Sandler does them so quickly I don’t hate his poop jokes.

I wonder if he keeps bringing up he doesn’t cheat on his wife since Funny People makes it seem like he cheats on his wife.

I forgot about You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. A You Don’t Mess with the Zohan/Little Nicky double feature would be an absurdist’s dream. I bet no one else would like it.

The multiple locations in a comedy special thing didn’t work for Chris Rock but it’s working here. Maybe Sandler just had a better editor?

Ugh. Stupid Rob Schneider.

Is this a sincere song about Chris Farley? Why is this in a comedy special?

This is a sincere song about Adam Sandler’s good friend Chris Farley and it’s very good and I am tearing up.

Why don’t more comedy specials have sincere songs about their friends? This is so nice!

Another sincere song? What the hell is this?

Man, this guy really loves his wife and life and doesn’t seem to be a mean dude. Why did I think this was going to be bad? Oh yeah, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. I thought this was going to be bad since I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry exists. Maybe it’s good. I haven’t even seen it. Or Click.

Why does he thank Paul Thomas Anderson?!? I hope there’s another collaboration! Punch Drunk Love is a perfect film!

He worked with the Farley family on the video and photograph footage of Chris Farley. That’s so nice.

The post credit jokes about diarrhea his daughters tell are very good. I better not write them down because I don’t accidentally want to steal diarrhea jokes from grade school kids.