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Yesterday David Lynch tweeted that he was no longer involved in season 3 of Twin Peaks on Showtime.


This site loves Twin Peaks. We dedicated an entire day to the beloved television show, movie, board game, video game, soundtracks, books, etc. We were very excited when Lynch tweeted in October that the gum we enjoy may return.

Three days later Lynch confirmed fans’ hopes.


Without prompt, without leaked information, without any question, David Lynch willingly informed the world the show he helped create would return.

Something happened between October 6 and April 5. It doesn’t matter what happened. David Lynch is entirely responsible for his lack of involvement in season 3 of Twin Peaks.

Because David Lynch fans are devoted and not concerned with reality (present company obviously included), a Save Twin Peaks Change.org petition has begun. This is a shame.

David Lynch told you he was going to buy you an ice cream cone. He told you it was going to remind you of the best ice cream cone you’ve ever enjoyed, the kind that will instantly take you back to your favorite childhood memory. Then he told you what kind of flavor you could order, maybe one that pairs well with that coffee…


Then he didn’t mention the ice cream, hoping you would forget. Now he’s telling you you’re not going to get the ice cream that was promised because someone else just didn’t deliver. It doesn’t matter that the ice cream could be ready, all of the ingredients are in his kitchen and not beyond their expiration dates, he just doesn’t feel like making the ice cream.

David Lynch is a runaway dad. There’s no reason to save Twin Peaks. It’s over. It wasn’t meant to be. Rather than take responsibility for his creation, dad wants to blame the other person. It would be different if the promise of ice cream was never made.

He’s done this before. A few years back I went into a David Lynch spiral. I read every interview I could find, watched every YouTube clip I could find (which really just means entering “David Lynch interview” into the YouTube search bar), read a book he raved about on transcendental meditation and interviewed him. I looked past obvious ambition flaws because I was enraptured with his creations. A specific interview with Letterman reminded me of Ronnie Rocket, or what never became of Ronnie Rocket.

Why didn’t Ronnie Rocket happen? It was supposed to happen after Eraserhead, after The Elephant Man, after Dune, after Blue Velvet, after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and after Mulholland Drive. It doesn’t exist. It will most likely never exist. You’ll never get to taste that ice cream. But at least that ice cream wasn’t promised.

Twin Peaks season 3 might still happen. The ice cream will just taste like frozen yogurt.