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Brandon Wetherbee is the host of the talk show/podcast/Bat-signal You, Me, Them, Everybody. Tonight’s episode is a special goodbye show to house band drummer Nathan Isnumberone. Please come and sing Nathan his favorite 311 song at the Wonderland Ballroom! 7:30 pm! Don’t stay home (that’s a 311 reference)!

Warner Brothers, the team behind the Warner Bros. Studio Store (R.I.P.), announced that Daredevil will play Batman in next year’s Batman-Superman film.

This is very important news. People will now be subjected do a different white chin under a mask. People very much enjoyed the last white chin under a mask. It is highly doubtful people will like this white chin.

The last Batman was a drug-addled former boxer and serial killer. People seemed to enjoy his portrayal of Batman. He no longer wants to be Batman because Batman is a silly thing and important people only do silly things for three films.
The Batman before the murderer was very handsome, maybe even too handsome. His handsomeness hurt his ability to fight crime. Batman isn’t supposed to be the MOST handsome, just in the top 5.
The Batman before handsome was Jim Morrison. This didn’t work out because fat ghosts can not be Batman.
The Batman before the Batman that broke on through (TM?) was an alcoholic that liked to clone himself. He was cool but sometimes got caught up Bat-dancing and that’s not an appropriate thing for rich orphans.
The Batman before the guy that played god with science was funny. He had a boy with him and that boy was a Ward. This Batman was not serious. This Batman had multiple women of cats and spoke in a weird way. He was a real weirdo. Most people like that weirdo.
People don’t seem to like Ben Affleck as much as the weirdo, alcoholic or drug addict. No one really liked Jim Morrison or handsome. It’ll probably stay that way regardless of his chin performance. This is not fair.

Affleck is a man of drawings, like Simon.
In the film Chasing Amy Mr. Affleck played a man that drew pictures for a living! He drew superheroes that enjoyed drugs! He’s perfect!
In the film Daredevil Mr. Affleck played Daredevil! That’s another superhero that shows a chin! He’s perfect!
Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.18.19 AM

Domestic Violence

In the film Hollywoodland Mr. Affleck played an actor who played Superman! He used his ENTIRE face in that film! He’s perfect!
The only negative we can all agree on is the inevitable Aflac commercial with the bird in a Batman mask. No one will like that. But Mr. Affleck is NOT the Aflac duck.

People are upset that Batman is going to hang out with Superman and it won’t be the best hang of all time. That’s silly. Unless Batman pays your rent, you should not care. And since this upcoming documentary of Batman and Superman going to the mall or something to play Dance Dance Revolution will employ thousands of people, maybe it’s a good thing?

No. It’s wrong. Nothing should ever be created. Ever.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.