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Brandon Wetherbee is the host of the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody. It records Friday, August 9 at the Wonderland Ballroom in DC and Saturday, August 10 at Fergie’s in Philadelphia.

Oh god oh god oh god! What time is it?




I can’t make it! There’s no possible way I can make it there on time!

I should cancel. I’m canceling it. I should cancel it.

Is there another one? There’s nothing later!


I can’t afford this. This is absurd. Why did I let this happen?

I hate everything.

Did I even pack? What is this stuff? Do I have any underwear? Do I have any clean underwear? I don’t need a scarf! It’s August! Why did I pack a scarf? Did we watch Doctor Who last night? Did you pack a scarf? Is there any clean underwear? Any at all?


Who’s going to watch the cats? Did we find anyone? Dammit. Just give them a bunch of extra food. And water. They’ll be fine.

We should have found someone to watch the cats. We’re bad kitty parents.

I feel like garbage. I am garbage.


Should I just cancel? I can’t afford to cancel. I can’t afford not to go. I’m a garbage-filled, bad-kitty-parent, late-for-everything person.

OK. It might work. I can make it if the train is early, the shuttle is on time and the flight is delayed.

Why does this always happen? Why do I let this happen?

I can buy underwear there. Maybe it’s cold enough at night to need a scarf. It’ll be fine.

Doing this. It’ll happen or it won’t. It’s worth a shot. It could be fun.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night.