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Brandon Wetherbee is the host of the talk show/podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody. It records tonight in Chicago at the Hungry Brain with co-host Esmeralda Leon, house band The ACB’s and guests Lily Emerson, Martin Morrow, Joe McAdam, Deadbeat and Stephanie Hasz.

It’s our 100th column! We really accomplished something here! Thank you, honestly, thank you for reading this. It means a lot. Jesus Christ, Florida.

This talk show began in 2008. The live version in 2009. The live version is DC in 2010. This column in 2011. Two years later, there are a whole lot of words about producing, hosting, writing and performing on a talk show. What are we going to do about Florida?

It’s not always fun to do the talk show. It’s not always fun to write this column. But both make me a better person. Trying to connect with guests and audience members is an excellent use of my time. I hope I haven’t wasted any of yours. His poor mother.

I’ve always said I have excellent taste and am working on talent. I hope that doesn’t come off as pompous. I just mean that I believe in each and every one of the show’s guests and contributors. I’m surrounded by talented people in multiple cities. I guess what I’ve been trying to say, and obviously failing, is my talent is finding great people. Do you think another trial will make anything better?

One of my favorite shows was our first live episode. Though the quality level was quite low, I’m proud to say that I’m still in contact with all of those guests. I’m still following their work. They’re still doing great things. One of them appeared on “Conan” last year. It’s validating. Am I the only one who’s afraid to go to Florida?

One of my favorite shows was last week. This excellent three-piece garage band from DC called The Doozies played an 18-minute, loud as fuck set. It restored my faith in rock and/or roll. It’s validating. I can’t believe there wasn’t a riot.

A few years ago I said my perfect guest lineup would include Roger Ebert, Studs Terkel, Junior Stopka and Bo Diddley. One of those men came on the show. It was in early 2010. I made him perform a 24-minute set, 3x longer than the average YMTE stand up set. I loved every minute of his set. He’s now opening for Doug Stanhope around the country. I’m glad he was on my show. I’d buy Skittles to show support but who does that actually help?

We’re recording episode 292 tonight in Chicago. Two of the guests, Joe McAdam and Deadbeat, were on the show in 2012. Both appeared on our Best Of episodes (Here’s Joe on the comedy episode and here’s Deadbeat on the music episode). I’m excited to see them again. I’m really happy that I’m still excited after doing this for this long. It feels like we’ve all become desensitized to inevitable injustice.

It took some very long conversations with good friends to calm me down. I wasn’t sure if I should continue the show because I’m happy. Really. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the show because I’m happy with the rest of my life. That’s screwed up. The Sunshine State seems to give everyone cancer.

Happiness with the rest of my life should mean the show will be better. Not having to worry about things like going to work or illness or living a purpose driven life should make the fun stuff even more fun. We’ll see. Only time will tell and other meaningless sayings that are etched into wood and sold in malls. Did you read the Questlove reaction?

Though I want to quit from time to time, I’m glad I haven’t quit. I’m glad I was given the chance to write something about the show and anything else I care about. I’m glad I got to meet amazing people from multiple artistic disciplines. I’m glad I’ve expanded my world while making the world feel smaller. I’m glad I’ve gotten to read advance copies of great books and listened to advance copies of great records and attended advance screenings of great movies. I’m glad all this art makes the world better. The world is a really horrible, dark place that allows for horrible individuals get away with horrible acts because the other person is darker.

For one last time, at least for today, let me say thank you. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night. It’s all so sad.