By Catherine Pociask

A bow tie can be an intimidating accessory, but fear not my devilishly handsome friends! You too have a chance to look more fly than the latest hipster on the coffee corner and classier than the vapid D.C. politician wearing a blue tie with red insignias, without blowing your budget. New waves of creative entrepreneurs are in town and are changing the D.C. fashion scene one “butterfly” bow tie at a time. These two local companies focus on men’s fashion accessories and cater to every style – and the looks aren’t just for men – a number of women are cinching their collars.

Knot by TIFFA is a handmade men’s accessories company based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. Tiffa, owner of the company, started the company after having to make a bow tie for her now business partner, Cory Thompson. With a background in design, Tiffa began developing her prints to offer a fresh take on bow ties and menswear. The bow tie collections are inspired by a curated playlist of seasonally themed songs. The playlists inspire each eclectic tie and pocket square that are named after a song in the playlist. Knot by TIFFA will launch its Spring Collection: The Mirrorball in April. This collection features music from and inspired by the disco era. It will be a 20-piece collection featuring bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares, the largest collection from knot by TIFFA to date. And, while the company becomes the next strut for the peacock revolution, Knot by TIFFA also focuses heavily on company ideals by staying true to social responsibility and sustainability in the apparel supply chain. Tiffa wants to ensure as the company grows that they have a positive influence the fashion scene.


Bull + Moose is a veteran owned company, cleverly providing luxury quality neckwear at a fair price point. The Bull + Moose look is a mix of classic style with a modern twist to include anything from military camouflage to narwhal patterns. Each tie is handcrafted using only the finest silks, wools, linens and cottons and the products are also more durable, standing up to the toughest wear. Partnering with the ladies from ManServants, Bull + Moose provides all of their tie wear. B+M also proudly sponsors Got Your 6, which empowers veterans for their leadership in civic roles. If you aren’t sporting their ties yet, they have a handsome floral pattern that both men and women can wear just in time for spring.


If you’re still not convinced that you should be wearing a bow tie – let’s just simply provide you some basic tools to get started. With the help of a few of our Internet friends, you can quickly get up to speed on the top bow tie styles and swirl your cocktail just as confidently as that maverick over in the corner of the bar. You simply need some basics. The bow tie morphed out of an interesting history of 17th century Croatian Mercenaries and is usually considered more regal than a standard neck tie, but I digress… bow ties can come with three different “ties”:1) the Self-tie, 2) the “pre-tied” bow tie, and 3) the clip-on. Thanks to our friends over at The Gentlemanual, they provide explicit directions on how to tie your bow to the style of your preference – anything from a “big butterfly” to a “slim tie”, all to suit your personality and proportions. So, unless your auditioning for a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy cover band or working for an over-priced steak-house to get you through your first D.C. internship on the Hill – lose the oversized neck tie and freshen up with a bow tie from these local companies – for your best Spring ever.

Photos courtesy of Knot by TIFFA and Bull + Moose