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Bottomless champagne brunch is almost always a good idea, but sometimes, you need to choose quality over quantity. Maybe your parents are visiting and they want a quieter, more refined spot for brunch. Maybe it’s a special occasion and you want your partner/friends/colleagues to take you out some place where the cocktails are $16, but they’re so delicious it’s worth it. Or maybe its been a hard week/year/presidency and you need a pick-me-up. For all of these reasons and so many more, treat your self to brunch at Estuary.

From the white tablecloth service to the views of CityCenter to the seriously scrumptious bread basket, this is a I-want-to-live-like-a-famous-person-for-a-day kind of brunch.


Obviously, you’re going to want to start things off with a cocktail. I would go with the Aperol mimosa – a concoction of orange juice, Aperol and sparkling wine. It’s bitter, citrusy, and effervescent all at once, designed to wake you up and give you a buzz. The juice is fresh squeezed and bubbles are Italian Prosecco.


Order the bread basket. You’ll be able to smell it before it even arrives at your table. The basket is brimming with flaky freshly baked croissants, chewy blueberry muffins laden with berries, as well other pastries made and served with different jams and butter because butter makes everything better.


If you want to have the best avocado toast of your life, this is it. Chewy, doughy ciabatta bread is topped with an entire half of an avocado and then crowned with a perfectly made golden fried egg. A sprinkling of fresh herbs makes it all the more fragrant. For something even heartier, get the rigatoni, which is swirled in a kale pesto, adorned with smoked mushrooms and capped with a soft poached egg. Swirl the egg into the dish to make a silky smooth sauce for the pasta. And plan for nothing else but a nap afterwards.


Desserts are available, but I would recommend finishing the remnants of your bread basket with another cocktail or an individual silver French press coffee. Sit back and enjoy the views from this stunning circular restaurant for as long as can, because outside, reality waits for you. Besides, you just paid over $20 for a brunch entree, you might as well make the experience last for as long as you can.