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Bartenders Against Racism just launched #HYDRATETHEVOTE, a campaign that aims to keep DMV voters supplied with water, snacks and other items as they wait in presumably long lines on election day.

“This may be the most important election in our lifetimes – especially for people of color like me. And we believe that everyone should be able to exercise their right to vote,” says Allison Lane, president of Bartenders Against Racism. “We should celebrate voting, not suffer through it. We’ve got voter’s backs this year.” 

They’re calling on volunteers to “adopt” a polling location and to distribute these essentials, or if you can’t be there in person, they encourage people to donate supplies; they’ll be accepting donations of the following items: bottled water, sports drinks, sanitizer and individual packaged snacks today (Tuesday, October 27th) from 3-7pm at the Gibson (2009 14th St. NW), as well as on Friday, October 30th from 4-7pm at Electric Cool-Aid (512 Rhode Island Ave. NW). You can also make tax-deductible contributions to BAR via PayPal to help offset the costs of van rentals to transport supplies to polling sites.

To volunteer, visit BartendersAgainstRacism.com/HydrateTheVote or click here. For a list of specific  polling sites around the region that will be staffed with volunteers, email [email protected]com. Follow on Instagram (@BartendersAgainstRacism) or visit www.bartendersagainstracism.com for updates and more information.

Help out in any way you can, and obviously VOTE!