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From the outside The Country Club looks exactly like what you’d expect from it’s name; a white facade on some pretty typical looking New Orleans architecture. It’s the kind of building you’d walk right by on your drunken bar crawl through Bywater. But here’s a tip: Don’t be the lame New Orleans tourist that just goes bar to bar bothering everybody along the way with your “what’s the deal with crawfish?” routine. People will hate your guts. Instead, tell every bartender that you like to call it “The Big Easy” they will think that is cool of you. OK, that’s the end of this article. Have fun in The Big Easy! 😉

Hey, now that all the stupid people are gone (how did they not see all these extra words?) I can get real. The Country Club is maybe my favorite bar in these United States. I was hesitant to even write about it because it has a vibe that feels like you’ve stumbled upon something really special. I certainly would not have known about it unless a friend and former resident filled me in.

The Country Club is a gay bar, so out of the gate I feel like my hetero butt is invading someone’s space. So if you’re straight, first I just need you to promise to be cool and don’t straight it up too much. Great. OK, now let’s ease you into The Country Club, because there’s more to it than just a bar. First of all, it’s a really good restaurant. If you’re hungry, sit down and have some boudin or oysters or something, but don’t over do it because, and I can’t believe I’ve waiting this long to tell you, there’s a pool.

Yep, after a quick bite, ask your server about the pool and bar out back. If you thought you were going to get a hoity toity cloth napkin lunch, you were right. But when’s the last time you had that and a gay pool party? If you’re gay, I’m assuming somewhat regularly in the summer, but for me, it was a real welcome change of pace.

Out back you can get changed in their cabanas and hit the pool or just hang out on the patio and drink tropical cocktails away from the unruly New Orleans drunks. This bar was my vacation inside of a vacation, and if you’re spending more than one day here, you’ll need it. If chugging Abita and having strip club barkers yell at you on Bourbon Street isn’t your thing, you can find a welcoming home at The Country Club.

The Country Club, 634 Louisa St, New Orleans, LA 70117, is open 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Feature image from The Country Club’s Facebook page.

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