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Getting out of the house and being social is a lot harder in the winter. Who has time to meet new people when your main focus is resisting the temptation to Netflix and chill (literally) for the next 4 months and your immediate urge is to run home from the office the second the sun sets?

(Cue the New Englanders saying, “yous guys haven’t experienced a real winter!”)

Luckily for all of us, DC is the land of opportunity and some genius decided long ago that bar sports needed to be a real thing. Now, instead of spending all winter hibernating (or swiping on Tinder), you have an excuse to hit the bar pretty much any night of the week for fun times with new friends.

Bocce, cornhole, and skeeball are just 3 of the your many options but the District is full of bar sports leagues you can (and should) join. Here are 7 reasons why they’re your secret weapon for surviving the winter blues:

Bar sports will save your sanity during Daylight Savings

We set the clocks back one hour, yet somehow it’s getting darker a whole three hours earlier (because that makes sense). Bar sports will help you fight the urge to curl up in bed at 6 PM. Instead of forcing yourself to stay awake until an appropriate bedtime, you can actually enjoy the last six hours of the day by racking up wins with your teammates.

We all feel a little older, a little more tired during the cold months

It’s been a couple of weeks and if you’re still trying to get your body back on a normal sleeping schedule, you’re not alone. If you came here looking for a solution, well, BINGO! No really, bingo is the answer. It’s not just for your grandparents in their church basements anymore…it’s at your favorite bars around town and it’s FREE many nights of the week. You’ll rest easy after taking home awesome prizes…and an even awesomer buzz from the drink specials.

You can cling to Endless Summer even when it’s 30 degrees

We’re all counting down the days until we can host our next cookout and dust off the cornhole boards, but thanks to bar sports you don’t have to wait for the warmer months. Trick your brain into skipping the cold season—join a winter cornhole league and by the time your team takes home the championship title, winter will be almost over. (Bonus points if you find a way to grill during your games when it’s snowing outside).

Bocce and shuffleboard are as close to the Winter Olympics as you’re going to get this year

So they’re like curling without the brooms. Kind of, right? You might think it’s cool to pretend that curling is “lame” and “not a real sport,” but deep down we’re all wishing that there was a 2019 Winter Olympics so we could secretly watch the Nickelback of Olympic events. Bocce ball and shuffleboard are the next best things; they take a little bit of aiming and precision, but with just the right amount of luck (and the aid of some adult beverages) you can still come out the winner.

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Play like a kid even though you’re supposed to be adulting

Ok, so maybe you’re too old for Chuck E. Cheese, but do you still want the thrill of collecting a trail of tickets? Joining a skeeball league is your true calling this winter. The best part about playing social sports league with adults: tickets equate to drinks instead of oversized stuffed animals.

Holiday spirit? More like team spirit.

If you’re skeptical that playing shuffleboard or skeeball will pull you out of your slump and help you fight back against seasonal onset depression—that’s fair. But it’s the overall spirit of competition that is the real distraction. Bond with your teammates over the fact that you literally can’t even stand the cold anymore. Focus on honing in your skills together to pass the time as quickly as possible. Sport your team uniform…atop layers and layers of thermal gear. What we’re saying is, the cold sucks, but if you have to deal with it, it’s better with teammates, booze, and bar games!


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