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all photos and brief words: Josh Sisk

Puerto Rico Flowers / Pfisters / Screen Vinyl Image

It’s been a pretty good week for shows… starting out with the super rare performance by former Clockcleaner leader Sharkey’s new solo vehicle Puerto Rico Flowers. How rare? This was apparently their first, last, and only live show. Backed by a temporary group of friends, he played with Screen Vinyl Image and the Pfisters at the Talking Head Club in Baltimore, with the help of Fan Death Records and Unregistered Nurse.

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Lower Dens

Then there was the last Lower Dens show of the year… Lower Dens is a Baltimore band, fronted by former solo artist Jana Hunter, they are pretty new and getting a lot of buzz… they just put out a debut record on Devendra Banhart’s record label and are just about to go out on what sounds like a GRUELING tour, starting with 11 shows at CMJ this past weekend. They are great; check them out.

DSC_7041 DSC_7036 DSC_7039 DSC_7038 DSC_7032 DSC_7035 DSC_7031

Japanther / the Death Set

This is sort of cheating but hey, the Death Set are from Baltimore, right? Anyway, Saturday I snuck out to Arlington, VA to see Japanther and the Death Set play at the new Artisphere space. The staff, and the space, were awesome but somehow virtually no one showed up! Those of us who were there were treated to what amount to a private performance… really odd but a lot of fun! Both bands played new material, much of it related to the passing of Death Set member Beau Velasco, who died sadly last year. Really great performances from both bands. The Death Set has a new mixtape out next month, then a new full length in January and the songs they played off of that sounded good.

DSC_8063 DSC_8002-a DSC_7999 DSC_8002 DSC_8058 DSC_8061

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