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A lot of shit happened in the world (and on the internet) this week! Below you’ll find a highly subjective list of the things that particularly made me scream (for better or worse), both on BYT and not on BYT! (Yes, Azealia Banks really said Grimes smells like a roll of nickels! And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it FOR DAYS!)


Here’s what you should do in DC, queer DC and all-of-the-sexual-orientations NYC this weekend!

I think Tidying Up w/ Marie Kondo fucking sucks! Here is me telling you all about that!

Australia Day is on Saturday! Here’s where in New York City to fill your heart (and stomach) with Vegemite, kangaroo and everything in between!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. You’re running out of time to get good sets at a good restaurant at a good time in DC!

Can You Ever Forgive Me is up for a few Oscar nominations! I do not think it will win any of them! But Julius, NYC’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, would certainly sweep the Best Watering Hole category if that existed!

Speaking of which, here’s our official, totally indisputable guide to the 2019 Oscar nominations!

Here is Brandon Wetherbee answering the one big question that neither Fyre Fest documentary answers!

Here is your week in true crime!

Here is Jenn Tisdale trying to figure out why Ted Bundy is so attractive!

And if you’re tired of reading, here are our photos from the Women’s March processions in DC and NYC! PLUS take a look at our behind the scenes photos of Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at the Kennedy Center.

Or if listening is more your jam, then check out Haywood Turnipseed Jr. on BYT Radio talking about being a father while furloughed. (We are 35 days in. Jesus.)

Not On BYT

Like I said, Azealia Banks said Grimes SMELLS LIKE A ROLL OF NICKELS OH MY GOD.

People are panicking because Necco Sweethearts (y’know, conversation hearts) will not be available this year due to the company going under. But they don’t even taste that good, so like…who cares.

Heinz is making “ketchup caviar” for Valentine’s Day. How romantic?

Michael C. Hall is starring in a one-day-only Broadway Skittles commercial (no, that is not a typo) in NYC on February 3rd and tickets are going for $200+.

On the subject of musicals, Magic Mike is going to be one. So there’s that.

Mystic Pizza is also being turned into a musical, and Melissa Etheridge is writing the tunes!

AND before we leave behind #MUSICALNEWS (fun fact: I actually hate musicals), a Riverdale musical spin-off is happening.

Holland Taylor slid into Sarah Paulson’s DMs before they started dating AND WE SHOULD ALL TAKE COURAGE AND INSPIRATION FROM IT!

MoviePass is bringing back its unlimited plan. 🤦 Go home, MoviePass, you’re drunk.

A Buddhist poker player won $600,000 and is giving it all away to charity.

Speaking of giving things away, are you getting rid of all your (non-joy-sparking) worldly possessions after watching Tidying Up w/ Marie Kondo? Here’s how to make money doing it.


What’d you read this week that made you go “WOW WOW WOW OKAY”? Tell us in the comments, and/or tweet us at @BYT + @BYTNYC!