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Awesome Con took over D.C. again this past weekend with over 70,000 fans descending on the Convention Center for three days of geek heaven. With a seemingly endless amount of content and activities centered around comic books, movies, tv, video games, art, science, and toys, it can be an overwhelming experience. Yet the excellent organization, friendly staff and collective positivity and joy exuding from all the attendees make it a can’t miss D.C. institution, no matter you’re level of fandom, age, shape, color, or smell. Long live Awesome Con.

This year, we asked some of our favorite Cosplayers to give us their best superhero leap. Photos by Nicholas Karlin. Enjoy:

Awesome Con 2018-44
Families who cosplay together, stay together.

Awesome Con 2018-38
Happy Easter.

Awesome Con 2018-21
Deadmau5 can’t jump

Awesome Con 2018-11
Deep cut with Bob Burden’s Mystery Men

Awesome Con 2018-8
I assume this is Wedgie Man

Awesome Con 2018-70
Possibly our favorite person at the Con.

Awesome Con 2018-26
Excellent form.

Awesome Con 2018-40

Awesome Con 2018-15

Awesome Con 2018-101Awesome Con 2018-74

Awesome Con 2018-53

Awesome Con 2018-85

Awesome Con 2018-58

The golden rule at cons is that you need permission to take a photo. A costume does not equal consent. But then how do you get those fun candid shots of people in costumes doing the stuff of mere mortals? You stage them:

Awesome Con 2018-52Awesome Con 2018-24

Awesome Con 2018-9Awesome Con 2018-12

Awesome Con 2018-41

Awesome Con 2018-67Awesome Con 2018-94Awesome Con 2018-107Awesome Con 2018-103Awesome Con 2018-78
Live long and may the force be with you

Awesome Con 2018-80

Guardians were in abundance at Awesome Con this year, including Michael Rooker who held a hilariously irreverent q&a sesh. q: “What are you working on next?” a: “Stuff! Next question!”

Awesome Con 2018-4Awesome Con 2018-5Awesome Con 2018-6

And Sean Gunn gave us a solid Ravager salute

Awesome Con 2018-75Awesome Con 2018-76

We shot plenty of non-jumping cosplayers as well (mostly because we forgot to ask):

Awesome Con 2018-16Awesome Con 2018-17Awesome Con 2018-1Awesome Con 2018-18Awesome Con 2018-19

Awesome Con 2018-2Awesome Con 2018-3Awesome Con 2018-22Awesome Con 2018-60

Awesome Con 2018-25

Awesome Con 2018-46Awesome Con 2018-47Awesome Con 2018-48Awesome Con 2018-49Awesome Con 2018-50Awesome Con 2018-65Awesome Con 2018-66Awesome Con 2018-68Awesome Con 2018-69Awesome Con 2018-71Awesome Con 2018-29Awesome Con 2018-72

Awesome Con 2018-28Awesome Con 2018-30Awesome Con 2018-31Awesome Con 2018-32Awesome Con 2018-33

Awesome Con 2018-54Awesome Con 2018-59Awesome Con 2018-60Awesome Con 2018-77Awesome Con 2018-84Awesome Con 2018-79Awesome Con 2018-81Awesome Con 2018-82Awesome Con 2018-83Awesome Con 2018-84Awesome Con 2018-86Awesome Con 2018-87Awesome Con 2018-62Awesome Con 2018-88Awesome Con 2018-90Awesome Con 2018-91Awesome Con 2018-92Awesome Con 2018-93Awesome Con 2018-95Awesome Con 2018-96Awesome Con 2018-98Awesome Con 2018-97Awesome Con 2018-102Awesome Con 2018-104Awesome Con 2018-105Awesome Con 2018-106Awesome Con 2018-55

Awesome Con 2018-109Awesome Con 2018-42Awesome Con 2018-34Awesome Con 2018-116Awesome Con 2018-117Awesome Con 2018-118Awesome Con 2018-7Awesome Con 2018-37

Awesome Con 2018-43
I seriously can’t get enuff of this photo.

Anyway, the showroom had a never-ending selection of geek goods for purchase:

Awesome Con 2018-13Awesome Con 2018-23

Awesome Con 2018-45Awesome Con 2018-56

plus props to admire and games to play with:

Awesome Con 2018-36

Awesome Con 2018-27Awesome Con 2018-35

while MagFest handled video game duties:

Awesome Con 2018-110Awesome Con 2018-111Awesome Con 2018-112Awesome Con 2018-113Awesome Con 2018-114Awesome Con 2018-115

And now even more photos by Foxy Bear Photography:


And if this somehow weren’t enough photos for you, check out our 2017 and 2016 coverage. Plus check out our Will Friedle interview, and this post we did a while back on a day in the life of a Cosplayer.