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Problem: you love comedy, but it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on every week.

Solution: We’ve taken our Bentzen Ball expertise and used it to round up all of the interesting comedy shows and national comedy news each week into a neat little package. Like a Bento Box. Or a pipe bomb. Named in honor of the movie that inspired Ollie Bentzen to laugh himself to death back in the days when we was a teenager.

First of all, brethren and sistren, your week in Comedy Shows:


Let’s skip these boring nights and get right to–


The Big News around the indie comedy love circuit this week is Reggie Watts. He’s been scooped up out of the brilliant glorious low-tech video game in which he dwells and chosen to open for the biggest comedy tour in years: Conan the Barbarian’s. Plus Comedy Central is releasing an album of his, which one can only hope will be like Richard Pryor performing performance art written by the Firesign Theater. Meanwhile he’s playing for free, in College Park, on Wednesday.


If Reggie becomes the next Zach Galifianakis, I will not be surprised–if only he can somehow keep from freestyling during auditions.

Chris Titus was a lanky gaunt scary guy making “OOPS DID I OFFEND YOU?” faces on TV when Daniel Tosh was still close-talk-negging  sorority sisters with long sentences designed to confuse them into sleeping with him (or just sleeping). But Titus makes therapy jokes about his fucked-up childhood and current dysfunctions instead of just being funny–he’s like a male Roseanne but not as disgustingly amusing.

Titus plays the State Theater this Thursday.

Topaz Hotel Bar in Dupont hasan open mic you have to sign up for: The Laughing Buddha-ha-ha. This fantastic title brought to you by MS Paint. It’s at 8 and it’s free.

Also tonight, these dudes at Station 9:

Get Your Def Jam On!!! (would be a horrible thing to say)


OMG it’s that chick Kristen Schaal who is on Flight Of The Conchords. She’s like the best thing on that show. OMG her live act is pretty much her being delightfully weird. OMG SHE IS A HORSE LOOKIT HER GO.



I’m not saying for sure that Ben Bailey, host of Cash Cab, will give you monetary prizes for laughing at his jokes this weekend at the Improv, but I am saying: it’s worth a shot?

Carol Burnett be chilling at the Lyric Opera House in MD, answering questions in her brassy, inimitable way. If you don’t want to look uncool, take your Mom.

Or I will. SNAPS.


I don’t know about you but I’m having a seance for my birthday. SUMMONING THE DARK FORCES OF SNAKE LAKE KLAATU VERATAIGH AND SO FORTH

Snake Lake: Behind the Screams

In other news:

Nick Thune and Kool Keith: A Match Made in Heaven In Our Opinion

IFC’s getting into Comedy Programs. Certainly, why not. They’ve already got that Laurie Anderson/Pee-wee Herman style cooking show or whatever it is. Which isn’t exactly funny, but it’s a start.

The Sklar Brothers are fantastic:

The Sklar Brothers – You Got Benched
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner At The MTV Movie Awards? No, not a black guy, it’s RAAAAAAAAANDY!!!!!!!!! (now with 1 extra A for AWARD)


New movie about Bill Hicks coming out–maybe it will explain why people think he is funny?

Do you want to get big on Youtube? I don’t.


reggie watts (reggiewatts)

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And finally:

Happy Easter! Let’s take a ride…

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