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When I was a kid I used to think “Fringe” was actually “French” and that when you cut the edges of pieces of paper into those long strings you were making the paper into French paper and therefore everything in France had little fluttery strips of paper on it. So this French Festival that’s taking place in DC right now has me very conflicted.  Nevertheless they have something funny going on just about every night, as you can see from their tickets page. Are all of the plays and comedy things about frogs legs and three men raising a baby? Only one way to find out!




I’m not going to post about Solly’s Open Mic anymore because it’s now so popular that 35 comics show up for each one and half of them don’t get to go on. So go to Palace of Wonders and watch it’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia instead.

Or if you’re in the mood for stories, Speakeasy DC has their monthly Open Mic this one on the subject of Travel Tales.


But if you’re in the mood for a middle school talent show (and how could you not be) check out Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite which is actually Fringey adults wearing leotards. This had better be funny because it’s a fantastic idea.


Did you know there is a Comedy Academy? I sure didn’t…but they’re putting on a showcase at the Warehouse Theater. ” These twenty comic sketches & short plays spoof the news media, vampire movies, religions, air-headed youngsters, feeble oldsters and 21st century life in general. So it says here, and also “Based on the Jewish Experience.” As long as it’s not based on the Jewish Experience in France = Not so funny.

Open mic spotlight: Brittnay’s in Woodbridge. Someone report back if it’s worth the trip. I’ll be DJing at my DJ night at Little Miss Whiskey’s on H Street so I can’t go plugplugplug.


Jay Phillips is at the Drafthouse tonight and Saturday. He was in Semi-pro, a criminally underrated sports comedy. Maybe he’s big in Paris. But he’s hilarious in America haha!

Illegal Sex Acts LIVE Onstage . Any questions?


If you’re near Baltimore, ArtScape has a comedy stage ([email protected]) starring some of the area’s best standing-ups.

And another fringe gem: McSwiggin’s Pub a one man show by Sean O’Brien, Second City alum. Free Beer! (Limit 0 Beers)


Do you love Seaton Smith like we love Seaton Smith? If you love him even 1/3 as much as we do, go check him out giving a (mostly) serious talk about the difference between black and white comedy for the highly reputable TedxPenn.

Hypothesis: White comics are all blahblahblah but the brothers be like Hello how are you.


Everything is Terrible is coming to Sollys to show you insane movies. Seriously it is the best thing on the internet, as Libby can attest often.

and there’s a killer open mic at Looking Glass Lounge which I would so go to if I weren’t going to EIT.

In other news:

DC’s other podcast, Big Brown and Burnsie, is going strong (literally haha because they are giants.)

Variety’s 10 Comics To Watch including Bentzen Ball veteran Chelsea Peretti and my favorite SNL writer Hannibal Buress.

So the new faces of comedy are most of the same faces we’ve been watching forever.

Myq Kaplan is clearly our favorite current Last Comic Standing competitor.

Olivia Munn to Feminists hating on her Daily Show post: SUCK IT

Gratuitous Olivia Munn photo of the week:

Jon Benjamin has a van, and Funny or Die is putting it on TV

Sera removes shirt. Ladies go crazy.

The Benson Interruption (a live show where Doug Benson sits onstage and woozily messes with comics as they do their acts) may be coming to Comedy Central. This has to be good news. Pretty much every stand-up routine could use some more Doug Benson.

The canonization of St. Weird Al continues.

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The last time I saw this many guys go scoreless for ninety minutes, I was watching “Porkys 2: The Next Day.” 5:11 PM Jul 11th via Echofon

And finally:

If WWII were a TV show, it would have been written during the writer’s strike.

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