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I spent the past week getting like totally Bonnaroo, so for this week’s column I decided to crowd-source the entire thing. I sent an email blast to a bunch of people whose music taste I trust and asked them to send me a song and an 140 characters or less description of it/why it’s awesome. Here’s what I got (first names only at times to protect those with real jobs/conflicting interest jobs)…

Oh, and please follow the Tunes You Should Fucking Know in 2014 playlist on Spotify.


Christopher Miller:

  • SBTRKT f. Sampha – “Temporary View”

Drake is already writing the remix where he’ll use the flow he’s been leasing from Migos for the last 6 months. Still dope tho.


Zack Friendly:

  • Prinze George – Make Me 

Two scoops syncopated claps, one cup layered vocals, a dash of snoozy synths, topped with oozing promise


Nancy L:

  • MARZxLEON – “Loner”

Well I honestly haven’t listened to anything that I’m not working on recently and if I write about what I’m working on, well, that would be a conflict of interest, but THIS IS DOPE.


Nate Scott:

  • Sturgill Simpson – Turtles All the Way Down

Country music has been bro-ified to all hell over the last decade, but Simpson’s dark, psychedelic reclaiming of the genre is thrilling and totally necessary. It’s OK if you’ve totally written off country music…but this song deserves a chance.


Claudia H:

  • Parade of Lights – “Golden”

This is the song that is getting me through the work week every day until July 4th.


Brooks Hays:

  • Kevin Morby – “Sucker in the Void (The Lone Mile)”

This song, and really all of the songs on Kevin Morby’s pleasant and understated 2013 solo debut Harlem River, make me simultaneously happy that people are still making records like this—alternative folk-pop, a quirky and delightful pean to a reimagined 60s — and sad that so many people ignore the likes of Morby to patronize folk-poppers like Mumford and Sons and all the insufferable Fleet Foxes derivatives the sprouted from the Northwest over the last half-decade.


Bryce R.:

  • Pia Mia f. Chance the Rapper – “Fight For You” 

I have no shame. Chance is the best. Also, Clams Casino, who did this beat and countless others that you didn’t know he did, went to high school with my best friend from college. That’s pretty cool, right?


Terrence W:

  • Sam Smith – “Leave Your Lover” 

I loved Adele before she fell in love and Sam Smith seems like the male reincarnation.  Not the best looking guy in the world but one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.  More range than the Dragon Spacecraft.  Check out the music video if you haven’t already.  #usmnt


Finally a fresh track/free download from intern Trent Burns

  • Me and This Army – “You”

Baltimore natives Me and This Army released this track for free via Bandcamp and Soundcloud a while back, but a recent show at Gypsy Sally’s brought them back to the forefront of my local music interest. Courtney Hargrove’s always killer vocals are underscored by excellent drumming and a rock solid bassline. They’re like a cooler, edgier Joy Formidable – plus bonus points for being local. Grab this track for free, and check out other tracks by Me and This Army to fill your iPod with local alt-rock goodness.