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Those of you that have stuck with this column over the years may remember a little series I did called The Show You Should F*cking Go To.” It died along with the article name change (RIP Tunes You Should F*cking Know) but I miss getting to single out unmissable shows that might be a bit below the radar. So, in honor of that dearly departed series, we’re going to bring it back one last time with a column solely devoted to the art of the live performance.

(but please follow the Tunes You Should Know in 2015 playlist on Spotify first):

Champagne Fever and Sales at DC9 on April 6th!

  • Champagne Fever – “FTLT”
  • Sales – “Renee”

Two Aural Fixation alums in one show and one just so happens to be a local act, what more could we ask for?

You might remember DC faves Champagne Fever from when we premiered their video for “Cheerios”  last September. I mean, who could forget a song with a chorus that begins with “Cocaine with your cheerios/still in last night’s pantyhose”? Well they’re back with a new single, “FTLT,” which stands for the equally parentally friendly “Fuck Tomorrow Live Tonight” and is equally as catchy. Make sure to get to DC9 early for this one and witness them in all their synth pop glory; lead-singer Doug Walters is one hell of a showman.

It’s been a year since Sales has graced the column, so you might not remember how great a song “Renee” is. As I wrote originally, “I know a lot of groups/artists/singers play around in this genre because it’s so easy to do in terms of writing and recording, but it’s just really fun to hear a group show what it sounds like when it’s really done well.” If you like what you’re hearing, check out “Chinese New Year” and “EZ” too. That way you’ll feel really cool when you know the words at the show and people will wonder how you know such great esoteric music.


Reptar at Sun Club at U Street Music Hall TONIGHT!

  • Reptar – “Stuck In My Id” (THROWBACK!)
  • Sun Club – “Spring Diamond”

I have written about both these bands more times than I can count, including about this very show for BYT’s YOUR BEST APRIL, so let’s just go ahead and use the old copy-and-paste feature:

At a Spring Break in the not-too-distant past, a rebellious member of the Talking Heads’ branch of the Musical Family Tree went slumming and cross-pollinated with a grungy post-punk/psych-rock mutt whose band was playing at the bar that night. The result of that unusual but entertaining union led to bands like Reptar, who led to bands like Sun Club, and in a rare moment when the opener for an act is exactly who you’d want to see open for them, they’re going to be playing U Street Music Hall together tomorrow night.

Reptar — whose legendary shows at U Hall over the years are a great reminder that the venue isn’t just for dubstepping college kids — seem to be inching closer to their dominant family pedigree with each new record, as recently-released singles “Delusional” and “In Through The Eyelids” would certainly make Grandaddy Byrne proud. Baltimore’s rising stars Sun Club on the other hand, seem content to see just how far the apple falls from the tree while still being an apple, and this show is going to be a great chance to get on their bandwagon before they steal everyone’s hearts at Sweetlife this May.

See you tonight, front and center.


Drop Electric (Album Release Show) and Laughing Man (playing Be Black Baby in its entirety) at Artisphere on May 16th!

  • Drop Electric – “Empire Trashed” (THROWBACK!)
  • Laughing Man – “Brilliant Colors”

The last time DC Music Download and Drop Electric got together for a show, they sold out the freaking 9:30 Club, so getting the chance to hear DE’s new album and hear Laughing Man play their wonderful album Be Black Baby in its entirety, all in the mind-bending venue that is Artisphere, is a pretty damn cool opportunity that any self-respecting artsy type would be a fool to pass up.

Not only that, but DCMD says:

“Both performances will be magnified by stunning visuals that will immerse the dome-shaped/IMAX theater and guide the audience through a journey that will be created LIVE, in real-time!

Inspired by the music of Drop Electric, artist collective From Block2Block will present an audiovisual look at life and death in the District. This innovative installation will showcase stories from D.C. area residents hitting life’s milestones, turning points, and crossroads, with visual accompaniment provided by acclaimed local illustrator Juana Medina.”

Look at D.C. being all well-rounded in its arts and co-promotion!