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Got nothing to do this Valentine’s Day? Go see Dead Professional — who just released a new video for “Don’t Be Cruel” — play at Rock and Roll Hotel. It will be the perfect soundtrack to you getting casually blackout on whiskey cocktails and light beer, single or with that hot date you lucked into.

Also, follow the Tunes You Should F*cking Know on Spotify…

  • Will Butler – “Anna” 

People are going to forget this happened, but I was there and I can attest to it: Last August, Will Butler played to about 25 people at a laughably empty Rock And Roll Hotel.

He was in town for Arcade Fire’s big Verizon Center gig the next night, with all its bells and whistles, but on RnR’s small stage that night, in front of a few enraptured onlookers, he shone like a man who was finally free. He wyled out like a rolling Neil Young and yelped over wild guitar strumming. It was freakin’ beautiful, man.

And something tells me that between receiving an Academy Award nomination for co-writing the score for HER and songs like “Anna” coming out in advance of his debut solo LP (due out March 10th), that’s never going to come close to happening again.


By the way, props to Rock and Roll Hotel for snagging that one.


  • Modest Mouse – “The Best Room”

Coincidentally, this is the first song that has me optimistic about the new Modest Mouse record that I was afraid was going to be too, for lack of a better word, optimistic.

I guess if we’re going to have to deal with Slightly Bubbly Isaac from now on, it’s good to hear that he still loves to get a little messy.


  • Stronger Sex – Stronger Sex

It wasn’t but last November that I was writing about John Di Lascio — better known as Johnny Fantastic — and his new project Stronger Sex. They had released two songs, the fantastic “Love Is A Herring” and a rework of Johnny Fantastic’s “Jupiter,” and they had officially won me over.

Because DiLascio, plain and simply, has ‘it’. You can hear it on their new EP and it’s impossible not to recognize live.

And it’s not just his unabashedly emphatic crooning style — though that helps — it’s his knack for making wild sonic twists and turns feel not just natural but necessary. Stronger Sex contains pop songs constructed like operettas. The production quality may not be up to snuff for audiophiles, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from appreciating what’s behind the static.

Definitely, definitely go see them open up for Young Rapids February 8th at Above The Bayou. It’s their record release show for the EP and I don’t want to be the only one knowing all the words to the songs; it’s embarrassing.

PS: If you’re feeling crazy that Sunday night and already plan on seeing Young Rapids for their record release show on March 7th, then you should concert hop after Stronger Sex to go see Fellow Creatures headline Black Cat’s backstage. To jog your memory, this is them (and they are great):


  • Incredible Change – “Night Falls”

I wrote about Incredible Change last July when Ra Ra Rasputin’s Brock Boss posted his first songs to Soundcloud, but this new project of his is really starting to gain some momentum. They’ve got more than a handful of songs in their catalogue, and they just headlined a show at Rock and Roll Hotel last Friday night.

This trippy video for “Night Falls” was apparently made by Brock himself, along with DeenaOH — who contributes her vocals both on the record and in the live performances — and local artist Adrian Parsons.


  • Twin Limb – “Long Shadow”

To keep things 100, as they say, I need to admit that Twin Limb’s inclusion in the column is all thanks to a Music PR Person You Can Trust named Jeffrey Smith. While he’s one of the more persistent emailers I put up with, the other week he went above and beyond to blow up my inbox with subject lines like “I’m not working/pitching this, Bryce… you have to see/hear this for Brightest Young Things!” Intriguing, right?

So I open it and read this: “[Twin Limb] is not a client. It’s not that I love working with them. I genuinely love them!

>How could I not include them? That would be like spitting gum on the sidewalk outside the Bank of Karma. Anyways, enjoy this new Louisville group and if you happen to live in or be around the Louisville area, they’ve got a few gigs lined up.

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