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For over 3 years, I’ve had the privilege of writing the weekly new music column here at BYT, and it’s been one the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. Originally titled “Tunes You Should F*cking Know” and later renamed the only slightly more appropriate “Aural Fixations,” this column has been the reason I’ve been able to interview some of my biggest musical heroes and go to life-changing festivals I could have never otherwise afforded. But it’s also been a lot more than that for me.

This column is where I learned how to be a writer. This is where I first got to peak behind the curtain of the industry, and this is where I stumbled into what I now know is my ‘voice’. This is where I fell in love with music in an entirely new way.

However, as Robert Frost and/or New Found Glory once said, nothing gold can stay.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have, and that you check out my new home Random Nerds. I promise our music column has some good stuff in there and is just as tastelessly named.

Now if you’ll indulge me one last time, here are some extra-special tunes I think you should know…


Tiny Victories – “Get Lost”

I wrote about Tiny Victories for my first ever “Tunes You Should Fucking Know” column and the fact that they didn’t make it to indie pop superstardom will always be a source of complex but deep pain for me.


Little Green Cars – “Kitchen Floor”

For a few months sometime in 2013, I tried to pick a concert a month to endorse as “The Show You Should F*cking Go To.” While that quickly went the way of all the best laid plans of mice and men, I did help Little Green Cars’ first show at DC9 to sell out, and getting that many people to witness “Kitchen Floor” live will always be a career highlight.


The Dismemberment Plan – “Spider in the Snow” 

This interview with childhood hero of mine Travis Morrison led to me getting invited to my first ever Tiny Desk show at NPR, probably THE career highlight so far. While they didn’t play “Spider in the Snow” there, it’s one of Dismemberment Plan’s best songs and just feels like the right choice for a final column playlist.


The Knocks – “Something I Can Dance To” 

I was a fan of The Knocks for a good chunk of their early career, but when I wrote what I would call a constructive criticism of their more recent work, they tweeted at me to “Fixate on these nuts,” which continues to be the best thing anyone has ever tweeted at me.


San Fermin – “Casanova” 

Almost exactly a year ago, Ellis and Allen of San Fermin helped me surprise my then-girlfriend with what might be the most romantic engagement proposal the Black Cat has ever seen. If I didn’t have this column, I would have never met those guys, meaning I would thus be alone forever.


Mesita – “The Villain” 


I’ve been trying to make Mesita a thing for as long as I can remember and probably will until the day one of us dies.


Typefighter – “Know It’s Wrong” 

A few months ago, one of my favorite DC bands, Typefighter, called it quits. They weren’t necessarily the “best” group in the city, and they certainly weren’t the most popular. But over the course of a handful of releases and some amazing live shows, they made something really special.

This song was originally titled “The End of Everything,” which I guess does sound a little over-dramatic when you think about it. But I think I understand where they were coming from.

Endings just have a way of feeling so final.


Thank you to everyone who made this possible,