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3 writers, 3 new songs you need to know

Disclosure “Willing & Able” featuring Kwabs

Disclosure, one of the most successful production acts of the past few years, is composed of two brothers, Howard and Guy, neither of whom are old enough to rent a car when they tour in the United States. And one of the biggest perks of being in their position, aside from the oodles of cash and freedom to do whatever they want musically, is that they get to be kingmakers now.

On their upcoming album Caracal, due out September 25th, they have the requisite cameos from stars like The Weeknd, Lorde, Miguel, and a very-happy-to-be-back Sam Smith, but they’re also using their spotlight to shine some on deserving lesser-knowns like Lion Babe and Kwabs, a fantastically talented singer that actually graced the column all the way back in May of 2013 with his song “Spirit Fade” (thought it’s really this live video of “Getaway” you should watch):

Props to them for choosing “Willing & Able” as the next single instead of just going for the pop chart jugular and releasing “Nocturnal” featuring The Weeknd. Long live the kingmakers! -Bryce Rudow

Little Simz “Dead Body”

Little Simz is the UK rapper you should know.

Her previous single, “Time Capsule” has been one of my favorite listens this summer for its mix of wildly varying production and self-reflective lyricism. “Dead Body” is a is a little more sparse allowing her talent as a rapper to take precedence over the production. As the title would imply, its dark and a bit foreboding with Little Simz matching the intensity with her relentless verses. The track is like a genre-bending murder ballad or noir cautionary tale. And the backing electronic beats have a distinct UK-ness to them which is extra refreshing.

Oh and did I mention she’s 21-years-old? I mean, I know they’re getting younger and younger, but this is going to be one to watch. -Lindsay Hogan

Destroyer “Dream Lover”

A few weeks ago I said that Yo La Tengo might be my favorite band. Destroyer might also be my favorite band. Top five, for sure. They had a real spike in popularity with their last (and 9th) record, Kaputt, which tapped into the 80’s synth pop revisionist nostalgia wave that was cresting when the album was released in 2011. It’s one of their best, most cohesive albums, for sure, but not totally emblematic of their sprawling, chameleonic songwriting approach! Their new record, Poison Season, shuttles most of the liquid bass and soft rock horns of Kaputt in favor of chamber pop strings, polite British “sophisti-pop,” and something described by main Destroyer dude Dan Bejar as “street rock,” a “Young Americans”/Springsteen sort of vibe best captured by the album’s lead single, “Dream Lover.” I doubt the relatively latecoming fans wooed by Kaputt will be totally amped on the weird atmospherics of Poison Season but BOY AM I!!!!!! Listen to “Dream Lover” until the record comes out next Friday and then buy the album. -Matt Byrne