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By Norm Quarrinton

It’s almost winter, and not even the delectable delights of your impending Thanksgiving feasts can save you from the cold–so here’s four tracks to help combat your inevitable seasonal affective disorder (although, you should probably see a doctor too).

Darwin Deez “The Mess She Made”

This is the new single from the band’s third album, Double Down, which was released last month. It’s a catchy little indie-pop record that’s full of angst and optimism in equal measure. A jaunty bassline and some of jingly-jangly riffs accompany a rather soothing vocal track courtesy of the band’s lead singer/songwriter who is, by an incredible coincidence, also called Darwin Deez. The video features Deez inserting himself into the portraits of various global currencies–check it out.

The Prodigy Vs Public Enemy Vs Manfred Mann “Shut ‘Em Up”

Legendary electro-rockers, The Prodigy, have included a fan-made mash-up of one of their tracks on the super special deluxe re-release version of their most recent album, The Day is My Enemy. This remix, (which is a mash-up of their 2008 single Stand Up, and the old skool hip-hop classic Shut ‘Em Down, by Public Enemy) was tweaked slightly by Liam Howlett, the group’s leader and chief producer, before being included on the new super special deluxe re-released record–but it began life as the passion project of bedroom DJ and Prodigy enthusiast, Some Guy From YouTube.

Santigold “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”

This track is by far the most seasonably inappropriate on this week’s list—It feels like it’s been released three months too late…Or seven months too soon. Santigold has always been somewhat difficult to categorise, due to the fact that she was blessed with a nifty gift that enables her to spread herself over various genres, and do a service to each one in the process. Her third album, 99¢, comes out in January—I doubt it will cost 99¢

Spring King “Who Are You?”


This is a good, new song called Who Are You?–by a good, new band called Spring King.