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By Norm Quarrinton

22-year-olds dropping pipe bombs, stoner rock, electro jams that assault and more.

Fuzz “Red Flag”

This track is a disturbingly hectic deep cut from the second LP of Ty Segal’s stoner-rock side-project. It’s one of the darker tracks on the album (which is, rather redundantly, a double album), so it’s unlikely that it’ll get too much airplay, which is a shame, because it’s great. The Californian trio’s debut LP was released in 2013–so they haven’t really been away long enough for anyone to miss them—but they continue to make decent/interesting music, so it’s nice to have them back.

Sleaford Mods “Silly Me”

Britain’s pro-austerity, Tory government has created plenty of cynics and pessimists in the music scene—but there are very few (if any) bands on the planet at this moment in time who give less fucks than Sleaford Mods. They might seem anti-establishment, but they are most definitely a band that sees musical attempts to encourage change as futile. It’s like they’re riding on dilapidated bus going nowhere—they’re pissed off at the ineffectiveness of their chosen mode of transportation, but they’re not about to get off and repair it—they’re just going to bitch about it.

NCZA Lines “Persephone Dreams”

NCZA Lines is the propitious solo-project of former Metronomy touring member Michael Lovett. Initially, this track does little to peak its listener’s interest, but don’t be fooled by its soothingly simplistic opening. It becomes more complex as it progresses, and evolves into a near perfect indie/synth-pop tune that takes the listener on an eclectic journey—steel drums and shit. His first album, Infinite Summer, will be released early next year—it should be a good’n.

MONO/POLY “Shapeshift”

In December, LA producer Charles E. Dickerson’s alter-ego MONO/POLY will release Cryptic, a nine-track EP that will act as a follow up to his 2013 LP Golden Skies. Shapeshift will be one of those nine tracks. It’s a searing, trap-influenced electro jam that stings the eardrums–in a good way. If Cryptic’s other eight tracks are half as decent as “Shapeshift,” it could end up being one of the best electro records of 2015

Lethal Bizzle & Stormzy “Dude”

Modesty takes a backseat as veteran English MC Lethal Bizzle, and his 22-year-old protégé Stromzy drop a series of verbal pipe-bombs on the mainstream music industry, with whom they appear to be somewhat irked. The aggrieved duo’s anger manifests itself into a wonderfully produced, energetic grime track that’ll probably be inspiring gym-goers for at least a couple of months