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August is a quiet month. So we’re giving you options to bring you joy in comedy clubs, theaters, and at home. From locals in basements to big names in theaters, here are some of August’s best shows. If you’re looking for more options, check out the BYT Agenda.

Wednesday, August 2

Baroness von Sketch Show premieres on IFC 

From Your Best August: Canadian sketch comedy series Baroness Von Sketch Show was very popular among comedy fans North of the border, and thankfully our friends at IFC has picked it up so us here in the states have a chance to check out this lady-driven sketch series that brings a slightly absurdist approach to observational sketch comedy. -Matt Byrne

Thursday, August 3

The Chris Gethard Show returns to TruTV

From Your Best August: The Chris Gethard Show‘s journey from New York City public access to TruTV was a long, years-long process, with a few seasons spent at Fusion, and a steadily growing base of misfits, weirdos, and fans of sensitive, smart comedy snowballing into what looks to be the show’s strongest form yet. Gethard’s a hugely talented entertainer, with a knack for creating a welcoming space for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their skin. -Matt Byrne

Read our interview with Chris Gethard

Friday, August 4

Brian Parise, Stavros Halkias @ Big Hunt

Stravros is the man behind the Stavvybaby2 Instagram account (The original Stavvybaby was REPORTED due to the general uptightness of some nerds) and is one of my favorite DC to NY comics. Speaking of favorite DC to NY comics, Brian Parise runs a kind of fantastic monthly show in NYC called It’s All Happening and one of the happening things is Brian makes a dang Italian meal for every show. Yeah, you get great comedy and even greater food. Go see these two gents together. – Jenn Tisdale

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also August 5

Saturday, August 5

Next Wave: Novak & Laker @ DC Improv

Recommending this because of Jacqueline Novak, The Bentzen Ball and Funny Human of the Week alum. It’s part of the Improv’s Next Wave series in which a well known comic recommends younger comics. This is a recommendation of Mike Birbiglia. -Brandon Wetherbee

Sunday, August 6

The Second City’s Almost Accurate Guide to America: Divided We Stand @ Kennedy Center

Just a few more chances to see The Second City’s annual, successful Kennedy Center show. -Brandon Wetherbee

Through August 13

Wednesday, August 9

Attack of the Comics Presents, “F.U.N.” @ Drafthouse DC

This is a fundraiser for Jason Weems. Jason literally died and came back to life. Read more about it in The Washington Post. We’re recommending it because Haywood Turnipseed Jr. is part of the show. Turnipseed Jr. is the most likable comic in D.C. -Brandon Wetherbee

Thursday, August 10

Ringside with Jim Ross @ DC Improv

Jim Ross is one of the most beloved figures in professional wrestling. The announcer’s show isn’t stand up, but more story telling. He’s a Mark Twain for the 21st century. Even if you don’t think you know him, you know his voice. Last week a fan culled together a few classic calls to narrate John McCain’s shut down of health care reform. It’s perfect. See Good Ol’ JR and get reacquainted with the squared circle.

Come back next week for our interview with the legendary voice. -Brandon Wetherbee

Friday, August 11

Nate Bargatze @ Arlington Drafthouse

Skip to 48:22 for an irrationally funny story about McDonald’s. – Jenn Tisdale

also August 12

Saturday, August 12

Joe Mande @ Sixth and I

Joe Mande’s written for some of the most beloved TV comedies in the last decade: Parks & RecMaster of None, and Delocated, to name a few, and is a favorite Tweeter of comedy fans worldwide. He’s also a talented joke writer and charming standup comic, as evidenced by his new Netflix special, Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special. -Matt Byrne

Sunday, August 13

The Roots with special guests Michael Che and Rare Essence @ MGM National Harbor

Regardless of your thoughts about Jimmy Fallon, The Roots are a fantastic live act. Rare Essence is also excellent. Add in SNL’s Michael Che and this is a very solid bill. -Brandon Wetherbee

Wednesday, August 16

Couples Therapy: A Comedy Show Hosted by Rahmein Mostafavi @ Drafthouse Comedy

Comics are notoriously bad at relationships. Take relationship advice from comics at Couples Therapy. -Brandon Wetherbee

Thursday, August 17

Specific Ignorance Hosted By Chris Milner @ Drafthouse Comedy

Drafthouse Comedy has some of the most interesting programmings. Lots of cheap concept shows. This makes the list for those reasons. Ask questions, hope for a wrong answer and win a shot. -Brandon Wetherbee

Friday, August 18

Damon Wayans Jr. @ DC Improv

You may have seen Damon Wayans Jr. on New Girl or Happy Endings, or on stage at one of the many comedy clubs at which he’s a regular presence, touring seemingly endlessly between acting gigs. Wherever it was, you’ll agree dude’s got chops. -Matt Byrne

also August 19, 20

Saturday, August 19

Ben Bailey @ Arlington Drafthouse

From Cash Cab! What a fun show! -Brandon Wetherbee

also August 18

Wednesday, August 23

The Time Machine Roast @ Dupont Underground

Unfortunately this is not a group of people roasting DeLoreans or like a TARDIS or whatever they used in that Paul Walker (RIP) film Timeline. Great movie. – Jenn Tisdale

Thursday, August 24

The Facebook Monologues- Hosted by Dee Ahmed & Max Wolfson @ Drafthouse Comedy

Facebook is stupid and hilarious for all the wrong reason and this show knows it. -Brandon Wetherbee

Friday, August 25

Next Wave: Michael Yo @ DC Improv

A Jo Koy recommendation, Yo performs four shows as part of the Next Wave series. -Brandon Wetherbee

also August 26

Saturday, August 26

Joe Rogan @ Warner Theatre

It’s all a conspiracy. -Brandon Wetherbee

Wednesday, August 30

Blazing Saddles @ Lincoln Theatre

The Lincoln Theatre has low key turned into a movie theater now and we’re not opposed. They’re showing Clueless, Purple RainThe Big Lebowski and Blazing Saddles this month, which means you have a ton of amazing movies to look forward to. If you haven’t seen the 1974 classic, Blazing Saddles, then you’ve been living a slightly less good life than the rest of us. Make your life better. Go see Blazing Saddles. -Kaylee Dugan

Thursday, August 31

Drunk Education @ Black Cat

Drunk Education is an event where wonky media nerds try and be funny IRL, instead of Twitter. You know that Washington Post humorist you like? The one who writes the articles that your old English teacher shares on Facebook? Yup, she’ll be there. What about that guy who writes about the Trump admin with the contempt they deserve? Yeah, the one you saw on TV, or maybe at that housewarming party in Lanier Heights? He’ll be there, too. These people are FUNNY funny – somewhere between your friend who does improv, and an actual comedian – so there’s a good chance you’ll laugh. Booze will help.

Oh, and by the way, one of the panelists will be this smart economist who writes a lot about the state of the American left. If you see him trying to buy a beer or whatever, don’t confuse him with me. We don’t appreciate it. -Alan Zilberman