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I know I know I know : SPORTS. BYT. WTF? But it is March and as every office in this city is innundated with thoughts of overgrown men in non-natural fibers running around we figured why not?
Having said that…..Fritz (of Cricklewood collective and Wash.Post’s nightlife section fame) made me do this:

so, I will let him explain the concept himself:

We were thinking that it would be fun to have a BYT NCAA Competition, so I went ahead and set one up on Yahoo. I’m hearby throwing down the gauntlet.
Group ID# 139841
Name: Brightest Young Brackets
Password: svetlana

SIGN UP HERE. and before noon or so today

you can all congregate there, keep the fighting spirits alive and we will post updates (that I guess I will have to make my brother write as college basketball may as well be non-existent for me, but he played it, loved it, and still ,sort of lives it, so we can promise some actual functioning commentary)

(unrelatedly…we don’t know the people in the photo above
or do we?)