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Tonight two heavy comedy hitters with two heavy comedy beards will be performing in DC. Both have Comedy Central Half Hour specials. Both have been on late night TV. Both have epic comedy albums. And, both will be at The Bier Baron Tavern making all your comedy dreams come true (get your tickets here!). In anticipation of all the funny boners happening tonight we asked them to briefly but gloriously interview each other which turned into a roast because comics.

Dan St. Germain on Mike Lawrence

DSG: Which one of your three jokes that aren’t about Batman is your favorite?

ML: My favorite non-Batman joke would be the seven jokes I have about the Ninja Turtles, because I am an adult, and I have no idea how people pay me money to do this.

How would you describe your comedy? I’d go with Brian Posehn meets the bush they found Chandra Levy in.

I describe my comedy as Bruce Wayne meets Bruce Vilanch. Boom! Another Batman joke!

Tell us about MC Lawrence. The Comic’s Comic has remarked that it’s your Chris Gaines period.

MC Lawrence is the rapper character I did once at an open mic. I rapped about abstinence with my hat turned to the side, and you’ve never let it go. You’ve done and said terrible things that I have forgiven and yet me rapping once at a 6 PM open mic is the secret shame that can’t die.


Mike Lawrence on Dan St. Germain

ML: What’s the longest you’ve been in a Boston Market by yourself and why did you finally leave?

DSG: Eight hours cause that’s when her shift ended.

Ok, here’s a softball. What will the last Bruce Springsteen song be that you listen to as you die?

Highway Patrolman. A serious answer for a serious question.

Does it bother you that you aren’t famous enough to be on Celebrity Rehab?

DSG: I’m on deck, alright motherfucker?! They just got to wait and see if Kevin Sorbo is available.