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With Valentine’s Day next week are you still looking for a different kind of event to spend your evening of at?

How about, then, an event that is both unimpeachably cool (Bad Religion’s Brian Baker DJing! Baby Alcatraz!), supports the arts (the event is a fundraiser for Transformer’s Flat Files Store and also a fundraiser for the arts organization itself) and is just the right kind of special and interactive (Kissing booth by Linda Hesh! DIY Valentine’s photo cards courtesy of Lomography! Site specific installations by  some of our favorite DC artists and collectives!) and also features an open bar and is totally cool to go to no matter what your romantic status is? Well, then Transformer’s Heartbreakers Ball February 14 is for you. We are excited to be media partners for it, so get tickets here (there’s both “single and ready to mingle” and “coupled up” options, natch) and lets make sure this is the first of many.

In order to get you in the mood we asked the Transformer’s team to dig deep into the Flat Files store and select crush-worthy local art (all cheaper than a dinner for two somewhere even remotely fancy!) so you can win that Valentine’s gift giving game too.

For your “funny” valentine:

Eames Armstrong – How we love, 2016, Watercolor, gouache and ink, 6” x 7”, $100

For your Nasty Woman:

Margaret Bakke – Be A Woman, Move Your Bowels, 2015, Etching on paper, edition of 8, 10”x11”, $250

For your Summer Love:

Margaret Bakke, Languid Summer, 2015, Etching on paper, 10”x11”, $250

For your baby mama:

Amy Hughes Braden, Pink Margaret Evans, 2015, Acrylic on found paper, 11” x 9.5”, $150

For your filter-loving love:

Cassidy Garbutt, Filters I , 2015, Archival inket print, 13” x 19”, $75

For your Sephora-loving valentine, a perfume that will never run out:

Elizabeth Graeber, Perfume, 2014, Pen, ink, and watercolor on paper, 4” x 6”, $55

For your flowers addicted friend, a bouquet that will never wilt:

Matt Hollis, Floramorphosis:Stalking, 2014, Magazine collage on bristol, 14 x 17”, $100

For your love outside the lines:

Aaron Hughes, W.B.S.S., 2013, Ink on Bristol Board, 12’’ x 19’’, $80

For your explosive love:

Chandi Kelley, Tiny Volcano (in unrest), 2014, Archival Inkjet Print, 1/5, 13’’ x 19.5’’, $300

For your hot hot love:

Yar Korporulin, Seven Red Curtains, 2015, Silkscreen on Paper, 6.5 x 6.5”, $250

For your star-crossed lover:

Yar Korporulin, Romeo, 2012, Graphite on Paper, 9.5 x 8.5”, $200

For your slow-burning soulmate:

Victor Koroma, A Beautiful Mess: Virginia Slims, 2015, Inkjet Print with watercolor, 8.5 x 8.5”, $150

For your work-wife/work-husband:

Victor Koroma, Sex, Drugs, and Office Supplies: Lamp, 2011, Inkjet print on Luster paper, 17 x11”, edition 1/15, $100

For your gym crush:

Joshua Yospyn, Crunches, 2013, Digital C-Print, 18 x 12 in, $350