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all photos: Jeff Martin

When ARTECHOUSE opened this past June, it was a breath of fresh air in the D.C. cultural landscape: a small, fiercely independent space that happened to be filling a void in the art programming with world class, technology driven installations. The people caught on and 47,000 humans walked through the XYZT exhibition this summer, and 47,063,728,067 (est) social media impressions resulted from it.

Now, Fall is here (supposedly) and with it, the follow up exhibition is here, entitled, appropriately: Spirit of Autumn.

Unlike the XYZT show, which was created somewhere else and then traveled to D.C. for the first time, Spirit of Autumn was created specifically for ARTECHOUSE, using the brand new world class projection systems by SILA SVETA which now live in the space permanently, allowing for a complete visual immersion.

It is also a little extra participatory, in the sense that the first thing you SHOULD do is go to the back room and draw your own leaf and feed it into the system, so it becomes part of the foliage in the main room.

Once you’ve contributed to the leaf fall (not that it is mandatory but why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?), you can, through a system activated by body sensors: make rain fall, cause thunder with your bare hands, blow wind through your body’s movements and even become a tree yourself.

The effect is both invigorating and very relaxing. And after all that hard work, you deserve a reward. Lucky for you, the ARTECHOUSE team has decided to expand on the art/technology concept beyond just the installations and apply it to their cocktails as well. At Spirit of Autumn this Fall, get ready for: the first ever Augmented Reality Cocktails.

Which, kind of like the art, you sort of need to see to understand. These photos may help?

So, to sum up, we’ll see you there?

Exhibition runs Oct 1-Nov 5th, and tickets are on sale now. Leading up to the end of 2017, expect two more shows: Kingdom of Colors and The Magic World of Nutcracker. These guys are obviously only getting started.