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all photos: Jeff Martin

A couple weeks a go we saw Janet Echelman’s much loved (and photographed) installation leave Renwick, and with it the final remnants of WONDER were gone. But, the great news is: even as Renwick evolves and takes on new and exciting exhibitions that  the Bettie Rubenstein Grand Salon will remain an experimental space that is a wonder to look up at.

Opening this Saturday, is the first of the, hopefully many, site-specific installations to follow: Parallax Gap transforms the Grand Salon into a visual puzzle. Designed by FreelandBuck, who won the design competition leading up to the commission, and done in collaboration with guest curator Helen B. Bechtel, this immersive, installation explores “examples of interplay between craft and architecture” and “embraces both Eastern and Western concepts of perspective through trompe l’oeil effects and multiple vanishing points to create a sense of soaring architectural volume”.

The installation itself is composed of drawings of ceilings of nine different iconic American buildings are fabricated using a collection of skewed vantage points. The layers create a series of puzzles for the viewer to solve, intersecting the known and abstract as the visitor moves underneath it. Together, these illusions operate through the concept of parallax, or “how the distance or depth of objects appears to vary when viewed from different lines of sight”.

Parallax Gap is the Renwick’s first foray into commissioning examples of large-scale craft in architecture. Check it out starting July 1st through February 11th, 2018.