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You don’t need to know what the Estrada Design Kitchen is selling to enjoy what they’re presenting.

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Currently on display as part of EatSpainUp, the works of Manuel Estrada and cohorts take everyday objects to help books, magazines and brands to sell products. Commercial works aren’t usually on display in embassies and former residences of ambassadors. If you didn’t know the motivations behind the art, you wouldn’t know it’s an ad.

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Manuel Estrada

On display through October 29, the exhibit and surrounding events will make you salivate. Related upcoming events include a Ibérico Ham Carving Demo and Tapas Tasting and Chefs and Innovation. The Gastronomic Revolution of Spain. Screening + Discussion + Tasting. That event features our favorite chef José Andrés. Go for the art, stay for the stories of food and Puerto Rico.

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The Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain consistently presents some excellent art that goes overlooked. In a city rich with free museums, it’s easy to overlook out of the ordinary spaces. There are smaller galleries and spaces that shine a light on local artists that get some more attention than spaces like this. It makes sense. It’s difficult to know what’s happening at a space that focuses on one country. It’s easy to accept a Facebook event invitation for a friend of friend’s show. If you’re walking near the space on 16th St. NW, try to stop in. We’ll be back during the final weekend. Their neighbor, the Mexican Cultural Institute opens their Day of the Dead celebration October 28. Spend the day on American soil without feeling like you’re in America.

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