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All photos: Jeff Martin
All words: Brandon Weight

We’re absolutely no strangers to the Former Spanish Ambassador’s Residence,  and on each visit, it’s amazing to see how much this space transforms. In this iteration, SPAIN arts & culture brought in the traveling exhibit CUTTING EDGE SPANISH CRAFTS: Innovation and Design in Contemporary Craft Industries, which is quite a mouthful and directly translates from Spanish to “COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL LEMME TOUCH.”

Spanish Ambass Art-02-1238Spanish Ambass Art-04-1242

And yes, you can touch! The exhibit highlights a number of skilled Spanish craftspeople, large and small, and every piece displayed outside of plastic is ready to be stroked. (Delicately, please, this is the first and only international stop for the exhibit, and it’s headed to Latin America soon). Take the LZF lamps above, created with a thin material derived from plywood and dyed to a number of specifications. Have you ever known wood to be that thin? Or to be so delicately arranged in a near-helix? Even that white lamp could cause serious desk envy.

Spanish Ambass Art-07-1251Spanish Ambass Art-06-1249

And envy can be purchased, with duty paid, from all of these craftspeople. The exhibit is equal parts celebration and showroom of Spanish design. This exhibit is for folks who realize that Spain offers more than decorative tile, and want to briefly immerse themselves in what creators across the Atlantic spend their lives working on.

Spanish Ambass Art-17-1297Spanish Ambass Art-10-1259

The exhibit is free (hooray!) and if you happen to go tomorrow, RSVP for a noon talk featuring a panel of Spanish design experts.

Open Thursday through Sunday, from 12 pm to 7 pm. By appointment only from Monday through Wednesday ([email protected]) 

Spanish Ambass Art-16-1291Spanish Ambass Art-15-1289

More photos:

Spanish Ambass Art-14-1280Spanish Ambass Art-12-1272Spanish Ambass Art-05-1244Spanish Ambass Art-13-1277 Spanish Ambass Art-09-1255Spanish Ambass Art-08-1252Spanish Ambass Art-01-1234