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It is hot as balls outside (no reason to mince words here). Lets see some art/engage our melting sensory systems this weekend.





This week, Transformer and Brooklyn-based cultural worker Jeff Hnilicka invite DC to explore emerging models of cultural production, the sustainability of these models, and their impact within communities though a series of workshops, talks, skill shares, potluck dinners, and artistic actions. Today, the program continues with:




  • Grin and bear the heat for Washington Project for the Arts WParade (the WPA Art Parade) “an extravaganza of artists connecting with community to create a moving visual spectacle of art and culture. Visual artists, performers, architects, musicians, and visual arts organizations are invited to work independently, together, and in partnership with community organizations to create inflatable art, placards, portable sculpture and street performance.”
  • Elsewhere, explore the street art/ graffiti phenomenon with three underground films that try to capture this growing medium with  Ultra’s Street Art Triple Matine @ The Fridge, featuring, among others, a screening of “Chocolate City Burning”


  • stop by ART+Space Opening @ Project 4 which features works by Katy Stone, Sharon Louden, Foon Sham and Joanne Quinn and explores the interaction of their sculptures with the spaces they’re installed in. Should be terrific, especially considering how great Project 4’s space is.


  • Renaissance Reduxx,  which looks exactly like the kind of art your boyfriend wants you to buy him, opens @ Art Whino (reception is from 6pm to midnight) and also features a live drawing session


  • Sustainability lab week continues with a very special A Day of Dischord @ Transformer featuring performances by Aquarium and Andalusians and a screening of FUGAZI: INSTRUMENT



  • sees the American premiere of Wild Swans @ National Gallery of Art a new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s 1838 tale about a princess who releases her eleven brothers from the spell of their evil queen mother. Fun fact: H.R.H. Queen Margrethe’s (of Denmark) costumes and painterly sets, constructed from her decoupage art, are the actors’ sole milieu and the Danish royalty will be present at the screening.

And that is what I got. Click on all the links for further details (as always) and please let us know if we missed something in the comments. Information sharing IS the new caring.

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