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As our very own Shervin gears up for his solo show this friday at Asylum and Joel readies for the DCist photo show in March, We figured we would see where else in this great District of ours is there more amazing rock’n’roll inspirational art to see.

Because you know, we love the Smithsonian, and the Hirshhorn (after dark is coming up!) and the Phillips and the Corcoran but occasionally smaller galleries fall under the radar and before you know it you could miss: Henry Rollins scooping ice cream, Tattoo artistry, Manga girls and Burlesque shows on top.

So, lets not have that happen.

In no particular order of awesome:

1. PUNK LOVE by Susie J. Horgan(at the Govinda Gallery in Georgetown
through March 3rd)
Susie J. Horgan met Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye at her ice cream scooping job at Haagen-Daz in Georgetown, where she worked during her first year studying photography. She began to photograph her D.C. friends who played in hardcore punk bands and hasn’t stopped taking pictures since. A prolific photographer of the social conscience, she has documented life in Cuba and Haiti and takes pictures regularly for Shake-a-Leg Miami.

She continues to photograph her friends and their bands and is currently working on a series of portraits of authors. She lives in Miami with her husband and son.

not to be missed.
2. “No Scratchers” art show at Honfleur Gallery (Anacostia Metro stop, 241 Good Hope Rd. SE)
through February 17th

“Scratcher” is a term referring to individual tattoo artists who do not or have not executed quality tattoo artwork.
The No Scratchers exhibition will focus on the artistry, technique and skill of tattoo artwork. Artists from diverse backgrounds will be exhibiting. Their work ranges in media, and includes painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and prints. No Scratchers features the art of; John Shea, Dave R., Ink Junkeez, Miya Bailey, City of Ink, Renee Azcra, Pinz-N-Needlez, & Andrea Hope and F. Lennox Campello

3. “Girl Power! Girl comics from Japan” (at the Japan Information and Cultural center through March 16th)

4. Sex Workers art show at the R’N’R hotel. February 14th.
details on doing the (art) deed with them here