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Bentzen Ball 2016 begins on Thursday, October 27 with The Most Very Specialist Evening with Tig Notaro & Friends. One of those friends is Aparna Nancherla (Aparna is also the first release of Bentzen Ball Records). So we had Aparna ask Tig some questions and then we asked Aparna some questions. Read their exchanges, pre-order Aparna’s new album, buy some tickets (do that ASAP, the show is about to sell out) and we’ll see you next week!

Aparna Nancherla: At the risk of alienating our audience entirely, why do you think some public figures refuse to do interviews?

Tig Notaro: Because they don’t know the answers.

AN: How do you think this interview is going so far?

TN: Jellybeans?

AN: You’ve been pretty content to stay off of social media, in fact, having different friends and assorted comedians manage your Twitter account. Though I may very well have imagined this, I remember once long ago, you live-tweeted eating peas. Was this perhaps real?

TN: No.

AN: Your schedule has been very busy with various projects between, among other things, a television series, a book, and now, twins. If you suddenly found yourself with a free day, how would you most probably spend it?

TN: Riding miniature ponies.

AN: What is the last thing you saw or watched or read or listened to that has stuck with you?

TN: Your new album. It’s great.

AN: Are you good at keeping secrets? I’m just curious, there is no backstory with this question.

TN: If it is my secret, no. If it’s yours, yes.

AN: Do you have any advice for people who don’t want to go into entertainment?

TN: Always, always, ALWAYS taste your food before seasoning it.

AN: You’re a new parent of twins. What would you say is a benefit of twins versus a one baby experience?

TN: Twice the dirty diapers!

AN: Can you believe this interview is about to be over?

TN: When will I know?

The Big Show-23

Brightest Young Things: What’s the last VHS tape you watched?

Aparna Nancherla: I believe it was an episode of Premium Blend that I taped off my TV in college. That’s right, I went to college when VHS tapes still existed. Spooooky!

BYT: 5 songs for a mix tape for friend or special someone.

AN: While “name 5” questions generally end me, I shall go with: “Dhoom Taana” from the movie Om Shanti Om, “Verona” by Geographer, “The Memory Remains” by Metallica, “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey, “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi.

BYT: Do you feed the trolls? Yes or no? If yes, what do you feed them?

AN: I throw them old scraps from the 90s, so they have more insecurities to work with.

BYT: Have you ever shown up to soundcheck?

AN: Physically, yes. Mentally, no.

BYT: How has D.C. changed?

AN: Doesn’t return my texts.

BYT: What’s the most regrettable drink you continue to order?

AN: A second coffee.

BYT: What is inside Amy Schumer?

AN: Hope.

BYT: What 90s heartthrob is hanging, in poster form, on your bedroom wall?

AN: Michael DeLorenzo from New York Undercover. IMDB it.

BYT: Why are your parents going to be so mad at you?

AN: Because I didn’t tell them I volunteered to go to Mars.

BYT: What’s your favorite scary movie?

AN: Love Actually.