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Anthony Doerr will be doing a reading from his book ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ at Politics and Prose, Friday August 8th at 7 pm. Beer and wine will be available! Before you enjoy a glass of either check out Anthony’s book picks below!

From the Politics and Prose site: Ranging from 1944 back to 1934, Doerr’s powerful second novel focuses on a young German soldier and math prodigy, Werner, and a blind French girl working for the Resistance, Marie-Laure. They meet in Nazi-occupied France, but history and the pair’s national allegiances barely hint at the complexities of this war novel and the relationship of this exceptional pair. (Scribner)

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Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth 

Supposedly when slave traders finally would take on their last slave and raise the sails and wait for the wind to carry them away from the West African coast, a terrible, collective moan would rise up from the people imprisoned belowdeck.  Sacred Hunger is about imagining, in utterly convincing detail, the moment-to-moment horrors of the slave trade; it’s also about being human, about single-mindedness, about sugar, and about how people find systems and rules very comforting. I’m so glad I found Sacred Hunger; it is an under-acknowledged masterpiece.

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Madness, Rack & Honey by Mary Ruefle

This collection of lectures about writing, poetry and life is one of the most absorbing, cool, and strange books of essays you’ll ever find. I prescribe one essay before bed every night for a couple of weeks — you’ll feel your mind get wider.

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Suttree by Cormac McCarthy

This is McCarthy’s weirdest, most unusual, and probably least read novel. For me it’s a feast of language, humor, and detail. It brims with memorable lines, too–one of my favorites is when someone at a river baptism tells Suttree: “It ain’t salvation just to get in the water.”

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