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From the team that brought you Homo Erectus: The Evolution of Pride

Like Prince William and Princess Kate, Brightest Young Things and Capital Pride are back together and planning a legendary party. But unlike the royal wedding, we only have one thing in mind:

And this year, we have the whole Newseum to turn into a rainbow fantasyland. Like this!


Here’s what you get:

  • DJs Ultra Naté and Lauren Flax
  • With Lisa Moody, Natty Boom, and DJ MAJR
  • Exclusive after-hours access to the Newseum — a dazzling, high-tech roller-coaster ride through 500 years of headline history including Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalism, the Berlin Wall and exciting galleries, theaters and interactives — Later than ever before!
  • No dress code (rainbow attire encouraged)
  • Drinks and food available for purchase — all provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering, with specialty cocktails by SMIRNOFF and other Diageo brands
  • Bars located on the 1st, 2nd, and 6th floors + the lower level + the elevators, natch
  • A topless rainbow moonbounce (shirt, shoes, no service)
  • Makeout movie theater for those special moments
  • Glory holes in the Berlin Wall
  • Photobooth to make all your memories real

Hey here’s pics from our last two Newseum parties: Newseum 1 Newseum 2

We want to see you there and these Newseum parties sell out like woah, so get it:


<— Lauren! Heart you girl.

Ultra Naté



Hey, did you go to our first Newseum after-hours party way back in December?  Then read this:

We know: that crazy line sucked. But we fixed it last time and there were no lines at all anywhere.  We still gotta get 3000 people through the door, but we got rid of that weird funny money situation, beefed up the registration/bar/drink ticket staff, and basically fixed all the bottlenecks we had. See, we really do listen/care/love you.