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Attention D.C. Brunch lovers! The RAMMY Awards finalists were announced this week! Right before the James Beard nominations (which also featured some major D.C. area love), but more fun because you actually get to eat at ALL of these places. Congratulations to everyone included! Can’t wait to dance and eat and drink at the awards night with you June 10.

This season we are again teaming up with RAMW to celebrate the finalists in ours/yours/DC’s favorite meal category – BRUNCH – with RAMW & BYT’s Brunch Passport Challenge!

So how does it work?

This year’s two brunch categories (Casual Brunch of the Year & Upscale Brunch of the Year) are voted on by the public. VOTE HERE NOW. Eat your way through at least 4 the finalists to make an informed decision before you vote, then enter to win 2 tickets to the RAMMYS on June 10 ($650 value).

How To Win:

  1. Visit 4 of the 10 brunch nominated restaurants for brunch between now and April 30th
  2. Tweet, insta or facebook each meal using the hashtags #RAMMYS18 & #BYThings and tagging the restaurant (cheat sheet below)
  3. Once you have visited at least 4 restaurants enter HERE


  1. All participants must be 21+
  2. You must visit and social media at least 4 of the 10 nominated restaurants for brunch
  3. Enter by April 30th
  4. Winner will be contacted on May 15th

Casual Brunch of the Year

Upscale Brunch of the Year

Good Luck!